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    Planetary Speed Reducer Working Principle and Applications

    Planetary speed reducer working principle
    The planetary speed reducer & gearbox is a kind of transmission mechanism. It utilizes the speed transducer of the gearbox to reduce the turnover number of the motor to the required one and obtain a big torque. How does a planetary gearbox work? We can learn more about it from the structure.
    The main transmission structure of the planetary gearbox is planet gears, sun gear and ring gear. The ring gear is located in close contact with the internal gearbox case. The sun gear driven by the external power lies in the center of the ring gear. Between the sun gear and ring gear, there is a planetary gear set consisting of three gears equally built-up at the planet carrier, which is floating among them relying on the support of the output shaft, ring gear and sun gear. When the sun gear is actuated by the input power, the planet gears will be driven to rotate and then revolve around the center along with the orbit of the ring gear. The rotation of the planet gears drives the output shaft connected with the carrier to output the power.
    planetary speed reducer gearbox structure

    Planetary speed reducer applications
    Planetary speed reducers & gearboxes have a lot of advantages, like small size, light weight, high load capability, long service life, high reliability, low noise, large output torque, wide range of speed ratio, high efficiency and so on. Besides, theĀ planetary speed reducers gearboxes in are designed for square flange, which are easy and convenient for installation and suitable for AC/DC servo motors, stepper motors, hydraulic motors etc.
    Because of these advantages, planetary gearboxes are applicable to the lifting transport, engineering machinery, metallurgy, mining, petrochemicals, construction machinery, light and textile industry, medical equipment, instrument and gauge, automobile, ships, weapons, aerospace and other industrial sectors.
    planetary gearbox applications

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