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    Why is Harmonic Drive Gearbox Used for Robots?

    Industrial robots are widely used in the automotive industry, electrical equipment manufacturing, food processing machinery manufacturing and other industrial chain manufacturing, with the increase in the cost of manual services, the development trend of intelligent robots to replace manual services is becoming more and more significant, and the advantages of good consistency of goods manufactured by intelligent robots, high precision of assembly lines are also increasingly suffering from the high attention of manufacturers.

    Harmonic drive gearbox for robots

    Precision gearboxes for industrial robot applications can be divided into three types: RV reducers, harmonic drive gearboxes and planetary gearboxes. In skeleton-type intelligent robots, RV reducers are generally placed on the motor shaft, rear arm, shoulder and other heavy load parts, and harmonic drive gearboxes are generally placed on the small arm, wrist or arm. The following is a brief explanation of why industrial robots should be used with 25~90mm harmonic drive gearboxes.

    Harmonic drive gearbox with high transmission capacity

    In recent years, the trend of industrial robots replacing manual labor has become more and more obvious, and the production of industrial collaborative robots cannot be produced without the auxiliary role of harmonic reducers. In particular, articulated robots are driven by harmonic reducers, which are generally installed on the small arms, wrists and wrists of articulated robots.

    The harmonic reducer has high processing accuracy

    Harmonic reducers are the core components of industrial robots. Harmonic reducers stand out fromĀ other gearbox reducers because of their high processing accuracy, which ensures high precision control of industrial robots.

    The operation of harmonic drive noise is small

    The reason why industrial robots need harmonic reducers is that they can rely on wave generators to assemble flexible bearings, which can cause controlled elastic deformation of flexible gears. Because it has this property, it ensures that industrial collaborative robots operate with substantially less noise.

    Industrial robots are becoming more and more popular. Industrial collaborative robots are suitable for use with harmonic reducers, not only because of their high transmission capacity but also because of their high machining accuracy and low operating noise.

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