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    What is a Heat Exchanger?

    Heat exchange equipment is a device used to transfer heat from hot fluid to cold fluid to meet the specified process requirements. It is an industrial application of convective heat transfer and heat conduction. Next, ATO will introduce the types, principles and applications of heat exchangers for you.

    Plate Heat Exchanger Applications for Industrial & Home

    Nowadays, the extensive application of plate heat exchangers has greatly improved the efficiency of heat exchange mechanisms, no matter in industry or home. The common applications of plate heat exchangers include but are not limited to: boiler system, home hot water, solar heating, biodiesel fuel, enforced hot wind system, radiant heating, snow melting, etc.

    Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger in Refrigeration System

    The application of brazed plate heat exchangers in the refrigeration industry is very common. The brazed plate heat exchanger is an efficient and compact heat exchange equipment. In the 1880s, it was successfully developed as a continuous low-temperature sterilizer, and it began to be used in the food industry in the 1920s. Due to the uniqueness of the brazed plate heat exchanger in manufacturing and use, it is widely used in petroleum, chemical, light industry, electric power, metallurgy, machinery, energy and other industrial fields, thus becoming a very competitive variety in the heat exchanger family. In addition, brazed plate heat exchangers are also used in the refrigeration field. Let’s talk about its application and development below.

    Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Installation and Maintenance

    Brazed plate heat exchanger is a new type of high-efficiency heat exchanger made of a series of metal plates with a certain corrugated shape and then be brazing processed. Thin rectangular channels are formed between the plates, and heat is exchanged through the plates. Compared with the traditional shell and tube heat exchanger, brazed plate heat exchanger has a much higher heat transfer coefficient at the same flow resistance and pump power consumption. This article will introduce the installation and maintenance methods of brazed plate heat exchangers.

    Cleaning and Disassembly of Plate Heat Exchanger

    Due to small circulation cross section of the plate heat exchanger, blocking is easy to occur after scaling, which reduces heat exchange efficiency and directly affects safe operation of the equipment and progress of production work. This article introduces key points and precautions of the plate heat exchanger during disassembly and cleaning, and provides a guarantee for safe and efficient descaling to the plate heat exchanger.

    Heat Exchanger Price List

    Heat exchanger can realize heat transfer between two or more medium with different temperatures, conducive to reducing industrial production cost. Heat exchanger transfers heat from the higher temperature fluid to the lower temperature fluid, so that temperature reaches technology standard and meet needs of process conditions. ATO provides high-quality brazed plate heat exchangers at best price. You can buy the best brazed plate heat exchanger online at the lowest cost. Brazed plate heat exchanger is vacuum brazed by copper or nickel, no gasket, high temperature resistance, high-pressure resistance, and high heat exchange efficiency.