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    Heat Exchanger Price List

    Heat exchanger can realize heat transfer between two or more medium with different temperatures. Heat exchanger transfers heat from the higher temperature fluid to the lower temperature fluid, so that temperature reaches technology standard and meet needs of process conditions. According to flow channel direction, there are counter flow heat exchanger and cross flow heat exchanger. Heat exchanger can be used in air to air, water to air, water to water, air to water, oil to water, etc. ATO provides high-quality brazed plate heat exchangers, which are vacuum brazed by copper or nickel, no gasket, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, and high heat exchange efficiency. 

    ATO Plate Heat Exchanger Customizable

    ATO Heat Exchanger Price List

    Product Name SKU Plate Max Qty Heat Exchange Capacity Price
    BTU W
    Water to Air Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger, 50/60 Plate ATO-PHE-5060 50 14k 4k $399.87
    60 17k 5k $557.56
    60 6.8k~34k 2k~10k $564.95
    Brazed Plate Air to Air Heat Exchanger, 150 Plate ATO-PHE-150 150 17k~51k 5k~15k $970.77 
    150 10k~102k 3k~30k $1,030.77
    150 34k~240k 10k~70k $1,341.54
    150 68k~320k 20k~95k $1,443.08
    Counter Flow Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger, 250/300 Plate ATO-PHE-250 250 96k~610k 28k~180k $3,518.46
    250 102k~680k 30k~200k $3,838.46
    250 205k~680k 60k~200k $3,964.62
    250 510k~1500k 150k~450k $5,644.62
    300 510k~1900k 150k~550k $8,110.77
    Cross Flow Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger ATO-PHE-1421 50 17k 5k $422.15
    198 205k~680k 60k~200k $3,425.39
    250 510k~1500k 150k~450k $5,413.88


    1. ATO brazed plate heat exchangers are non-standard products. Quantity of plates, heat exchange capacity, design pressure, channel combination, distributor and other specifications can be customized according to user requirements.
    2. For different plate quantities, price is different, the page price is for reference only. Please contact us for specific price.

    Customization Process of ATO Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

    Applicable equipment system: Air conditioner refrigeration, oil pressure system, boiler, industrial cooling system, heating system, air compressor (cooling system/drying system), chiller system, hot pump, solar equipment, etc.

    Applicable medium: Air, water, steam, oil, organic solvent, gas, various refrigerants (except copper-based brazed ammonia, chlorine refrigerant), etc.

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