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    Hydraulic Hand Pump Basics

    Hydraulic hand pumps play an important role in every industry that requires testing and calibration of pressure instruments such as pressure transmitters, gauges and switches. From energy production and healthcare to construction and wastewater management, they perform a very necessary function that ultimately helps keep our global economy running safely and efficiently. With such a wide range of uses, there isn't one hydraulic hand pump can meet the needs of all applications. So, in this article we'll learn about the basic functions of a hydraulic hand pump and outline some of its most important features.

    What is Hydraulic Hand Pump?

    A hydraulic hand pump uses human power as an input to generate a combination of pressure and flow, which then produces hydraulic energy. Based on the simple principle of a handle providing leverage to an internal piston, hydraulic fluid is delivered directly under manually applied pressure. The piston then forces the hydraulic fluid into the cylinder port. Water and hydraulic fluid are the most common fluids, but a variety of pressure media can be used.