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    Using a Multimeter to Measure the Motor Insulated Resistance

    An AC motor is a device that converts electrical energy from alternating current into mechanical energy. Its main components include a stator and a rotor. The stator is the stationary part and usually contains windings and an iron core. Insulation check is very important for AC motors, and it is also a very important technical index in the operation and maintenance of electric motors. In practice, it not only protects against current leakage or short-circuiting but also ensures the safety of the operator, thus preventing damage to the motor. 

    What is the Multimeter?

    A multimeter, short for "multiple meters," is a versatile electronic instrument used to measure various electrical properties in a circuit. It combines several measurement functions into one device, making it a handy tool for technicians, engineers, and hobbyists working with electrical and electronic systems.

    Clamp Meter VS. Multimeter

    Clamp meters are divided into mechanical pointer clamp meters and digital clamp meters. Its biggest advantage is that it can measure the current in the line without disconnecting the line to be measured. The current multi-function clamp meter also carries test leads and other voltage resistance gears, and can also be used as a multimeter, and the clamp current meter is also divided into pointer type and digital type, which are roughly the same as the multimeter classification, but the clamp meter head has a transformer, so it is more troublesome to carry.