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    Carbon Dioxide Sensor Troubleshooting

    NDIR CO2 sensors monitor and detect for the presence of carbon dioxide based on the absorption of infrared light at a specific wavelength. An NDIR sensor comprises an infrared source, a light tube, a bandpass filter, and a detector. The target gas is determined through the filter wavelength choice.

    Sometimes when we using the CO2sensor, there will be some faults, so we will talk about the common faults of carbon dioxide sensor and what should we solve them.CO2 sensor troubleshooting

    CO2 sensor common faults and solutions

    1. How long does a gas sensor need to be recalibrated after use: The length of time between initial calibration and recalibration depends on many factors, usually including the temperature, humidity, and pressure the sensor is used for, what gas it is exposed to, and how long it is exposed to the gas length.
      Solution: But most products can provide a very stable signal over a long period of time, and the use of gas sensors only requires periodic calibration, such as once a year. For extremely demanding sensor use or for safety applications, calibration may be required relatively frequently.
    2. Whether the gas sensor can be continuously exposed to the target gas: The gas sensor can monitor the target gas intermittently, which is generally not suitable for continuous monitoring, especially when it involves high gas concentration, high humidity or high temperature.
      Solution: For the purpose of continuous monitoring, sometimes two (or even three) sensors can be used in a cycle, so that each sensor is only exposed to the gas for half of the time, and the other half of the time can be obtained in fresh air. recover.
    3. What happens if the temperature of the gas itself is different from the temperature of the sensor: the temperature of the sensor itself determines its minimum display current, and the temperature of the gas sample to be measured has a certain influence on this. The rate at which gas molecules enter the sensing electrode through the pores determines the signal from the sensor.
      Solution: If the diffusing gas temperature through the pores is different from the gas temperature in the sensor, it may have a certain impact on the sensitivity of the sensor. Small drifts or transient current changes may occur until the device is set up.

    Carbon dioxide sensor

    Because such a machine, in the process of dynamic detection, can comprehensively show the overall quality of the environment. Thereby, it provides effective values ​​for the formulation of measures such as environmental control and adjustment detection.

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