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    Why is CO2 Sensor Needed in Greenhouse?

    CO2 sensor

    We know that water, light and carbon dioxide are all necessary factors for plant growth. Among these three elements, water and sunlight are both visible to the naked eye, only carbon dioxide is invisible and intangible, and is often ignored by people. CO2 is one of the raw materials for plants to carry out photosynthesis, and the level of carbon dioxide concentration directly affects the growth quality of crops.

    In a sense, carbon dioxide is also an indispensable fertilizer for vegetable growth. In agriculture, carbon dioxide is one of the raw materials for green plants to perform photosynthesis, and 95% of the dry weight of crops comes from photosynthesis. Through photosynthesis of leaves, carbon dioxide, water and inorganic nutrients are synthesized into carbohydrates required for plant body and fruit expansion. This substance contains water, fat, sugar, starch, various amino acids (proteins), vitamins, etc. Various organic substances are required for vegetable growth.

    American scientists in a farm in New Jersey, using carbon dioxide to carry out a large number of experimental studies on different growing seasons of different crops, they found that the use of carbon dioxide in the growing period and maturity of crops has the most significant effect. In these two periods, if carbon dioxide gas is sprayed twice a week, after 4 to 5 sprays, the yield of vegetables can be increased by 90%, the yield of rice can be increased by 70%, the yield of soybean can be increased by 60%, and the yield of sorghum can even be increased by 200%.

    Practice has proved that carbon dioxide plays a role that cannot be ignored in the production process of agricultural plants. Of course, the amount of carbon dioxide required by different plants in different growth periods is different. Controlling the amount of carbon dioxide plays a key role in the growth of plants. When the carbon dioxide concentration is too high, the leaves of vegetable crops are often curled, which affects the normal progress of photosynthesis, affects the absorption of oxygen by crops, and cannot carry out normal respiration and metabolism. When the carbon dioxide content is insufficient, the leaf color is dull and dull, the flowering is late, the female flowers are few, and the flowers and fruits fall off; the leaves are low and flat, perpendicular to the main branch or drooping, and the leaf surface is uneven; there are many heteromorphic fruits, which are late to the market, low yield, and high-quality fruit. When the carbon dioxide energy is normal, it can ensure the healthy growth of vegetables, increase the chlorophyll content, make the leaves dark green and shiny, make it bloom earlier, have less flower and fruit drop, healthy leaves and branches, correct fruit, and high yield.

    Therefore, many growers now add a certain amount of gas fertilizer to the greenhouse planting to increase the carbon dioxide content in order to make the vegetables grow better and increase the yield. It is for this reason that carbon dioxide sensor technology is widely used in the field of agricultural greenhouse cultivation.

    How to correctly position the CO2 sensor?

    The installation location needs to be determined according to the area of the greenhouse. When choosing a carbon dioxide sensor, the user needs to install it according to the area of the greenhouse and other factors. If the area of the greenhouse is relatively small, the user can install the equipment in the center of the greenhouse, so that only one device is needed to monitor the overall environment in the greenhouse. If the area of the greenhouse is relatively large, the user needs two or more.

    When installing carbon dioxide sensor equipment, you need to pay attention to the following small details of installation during the specific installation process of the carbon dioxide sensor device. When installing equipment such as carbon dioxide sensors, wall installation is the first choice for a more scientific installation method. Of course, the environment of the greenhouse often does not have such good installation conditions, so if wall installation is not possible, the user can erect a steel pipe, and then install by hoisting on the top.

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