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    Delay Operation of Programmable Timer Relay

    Programmable relay stores some typical relay logic control program in internal memory in advance and realize some simple logic control and sequence control function by the user program combination and calls. The user program uses the ladder diagram or functional diagram language through panel, intuitive and easy to understand. The switching signal input by the button, switch etc.

    Through sequential procedures, through sequential execution of the program, can perform arithmetic operations, logic operations, analog operations, timing, up/down counting, frequency measurement on the input signals, and there are functions such as display parameters, communication, simulation operation, etc. Its integrated internal software function and programming software can replace the traditional relay logic circuit, such as the logic circuit composed of relay, contactor and timer, and has a strong anti-interference ability. In this article, we will introduce delay operation of programmable timer relay.

    Create a new delay instruction. Press the "SET" key to enter the editing state. Insert a program by pressing "INS" at the "END" program. Press + to select the output command Y00=ON, Y00 will be output immediately when the program is started. Insert the delay program after 00 block. Select "Dela" (Delay) and set the delay time to 0.5s. Insert Y01=ON after the delay is completed. Insert the 0.5s delay time again later. Press "SET" to confirm the completion of the program. Run the program. Change the program status to RUN and the program runs immediately. Y00 and Y01 are output at 0.5s intervals.

    New delay instruction

    Set the cycle to light Y00 and Y01. Insert Y00=OFF after block 003. Insertion delay. Insert Y01=OFF after block 005. Insert the delay again. Finish program editing and save. Run the program. It can be found that Y00 and Y01 are cycled on and off.


    Create a program so that it executes only once. Insert the program status instruction in the last program. Set 008 block Task 00 to STOP. It means that the Task 00 program stops running after running the 007 delay instruction.

    Create program

    Run the program. You can see that the program automatically stops running after Y00 and Y01 are turned on and off once. The delay instruction demonstration ends.

    Delay instruction end

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