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    Delay Program of Programmable Timer Relay

    Programmable relay stores some typical relay logic control program in internal memory in advance and realize some simple logic control and sequence control function by the user program combination and calls. Its integrated internal software function and programming software can replace the traditional relay logic circuit, such as the logic circuit composed of relay, contactor and timer, and has a strong anti-interference ability. Therefore, programmable relay is widely used in industrial automation control system, small machinery and devices, building electrical and other fields. It is applicable to the control of intelligent residence system, lighting system, heating and ventilation system, door, window, fence and moving door.

    PLCs can range from small modular devices with tens of inputs and outputs (I/O), in a housing integral with the processor, to large rack-mounted modular devices with thousands of I/O. They can be designed for many arrangements of digital and analog I/O, extended temperature ranges, immunity to electrical noise, and resistance to vibration and impact. In this article, we will introduce theĀ programmable timer relay delay program.

    This is a 16-in 16-out programmable timer relay. This is an example of a delay program. Y00 (KA0) and Y1 (KA1) are turned on and off in sequence.

    16 in 16 out programmable timer relay

    This uses the Delay instruction. Delay 0.5s each time.

    Delay instruction

    We are going to use the timer instruction T instead of the delay instruction Dela. First we need to set the timer value in the shortcut call program. Quick call procedure in Task 21. Set the time of timer T00 to 0.5 seconds. Set the time of timer T01 to 0.5 seconds and save.


    Replace the delay instruction in the program Task 00. Modify it directly into T00 and T01. View the running effect.

    Task 00

    Call timer T to complete.

    Timer T

    If you want to learn more about programmable timer relay, please click this video or contact us.

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