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    Differences Between Oil Mist Eliminator and Fume Purifier

    Oil mist eliminator is a kind of industrial environmental protection equipment. Installed in machine tools, cleaning machines and other mechanical processing equipment, suction processing chamber oil mist, to achieve the purpose of air purification. fume purifier refers to the treatment device of lampblack exhaust gas. Fume purifier is mainly used for purification and treatment of low-altitude lampblack emission in kitchen. There's a big difference between the two, and we'll talk about it in this article.

    Oil mist eliminator and fume purifierFunction:

    Oil mist eliminator is installed in the processing center, cleaning machinery equipment, CNC machine tools and other CNC lathes on an oil mist eliminator equipment. It is a professional equipment for purifying the welding dust, dust and other environmental pollution chemicals produced in the process of nc lathe manufacturing.

    Oil mist eliminator can deal with the harm of nitrogen compound benzene oil mist to workers' health in the whole process of machine tool processing. A good office environment is also conducive to maintaining a pleasant work mentality and improving work efficiency. On the other hand, the production workshop full of welding smoke will seriously harm the product quality and the circuit system of the factory, and directly cause economic losses.

    Fume purifier refers to the lampblack waste gas treatment device. fume purifier is mainly used for purification and treatment of low-altitude lampblack in kitchen. Used in hotels, restaurants, restaurants, schools, institutions, factories and other places; food frying, cooking and processing industry; oil spray heat treatment workshop, oil mist lubrication workshop, workpiece welding workshop and oil pan discharge and other industrial occasions.


    Industrial production oil mist eliminator is widely used in various mechanical equipment plants, steel mills, hot forging, heat treatment methods, chemical waste gas enterprises and other production and processing sites. Fume purifier has the function of purifying and treating lampblack, so that it can meet the standard of lampblack emission in catering industry. At present, electrostatic adsorption technology is widely used in fume purifier.

    Working Principle:

    The oil mist eliminator, with the technology of negative pressure separation, separates the oil and water mist from the CNC lathe, and puts the oil and water into the cutting fluid box through a drainage pipe. Negative pressure technology is the biggest advantage, can separate the oil and water more thoroughly, is conducive to cleaning and maintenance, but if the smoke oil mist caused by more particles, can choose to install after, it is the use of three-dimensional network structure, can increase the indoor space filtration, so as to block harmful large particles.

    Fume purifier is mainly used for lampblack treatment in restaurants, schools, factory kitchens and other venues; fume purifier, part of the larger oil droplets, oil particles in the flow plate due to mechanical collision, retention and arrested collection. When the air flow into the high voltage electrostatic field, under the action of the high voltage electric field, soot gas ionization, soot particles additional charge, most of the degradation of carbonization. A small part of tiny oil particles in the adsorption field of electric field force and airflow action.

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