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    How to Maintain Oil Mist Eliminator?

    In order to improve the environment, the oil mist eliminator must be used well to make the working environment meet the requirements of environmental protection regulations. Electrostatic industrial fume eliminator are the most effective and safe equipment to solve this problem, but if such equipment is not maintained in a timely and correct manner, the effectiveness of the purifiers will be greatly reduced.

    Oil mist eliminatorDuring the use of the industrial oil mist eliminator, stains will accumulate on the collector plate, which will increase the load of the high-voltage electric field and generate high-voltage arcing, and the purification effect will deteriorate or even lose the purification function completely. Therefore, regular inspection and cleaning eliminator are very important maintenance tasks.

    • Check the front and rear filters for mechanical damage or damage, as well as clogging by contaminants.
    • Check whether the ionizer and collector have mechanical damage, the degree of oil adhesion and whether the plate is deformed.
    • Check whether the ionizing wire is mechanically damaged, deformed or wrapped by oil.
    • Check whether the electrical cabinet door, side panel, air vent, rear cover, etc. are well sealed with the enclosure.
    • Check whether the electrical components are normal.
    • Check whether the high and low voltage and discharge terminals are stained and damaged.

    (Note: The voltage of the ionization plate is very high, and the above inspections can only be carried out after the oil mist eliminator is powered off for 10 minutes to allow the plate to discharge.)

    After the oil mist eliminator is used for a period of time, some oil stains and stains will adhere to the ionization and collector components and the front and rear filters, which need to be cleaned. The cleaning method is:

    • Cleaning of ionization and collector components.
    • Clean the filter screen.
    • Cleaning precautions. The power supply must be cut off first, and the maintenance door can be opened after discharging for 5-10 minutes. When removing, cleaning and loading the ionizer and collector assemblies of oil mist eliminator , avoid mechanical deformation of any kind. Use special cleaning agents. The filter screen should be cleaned separately, and all impurities in it should be removed.
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