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    7 Main Features of Oil Mist Eliminator

    Oil mist eliminator is suitable for CNC lathes, milling machines, hobbing machines, grinding machines, precision machining industries and other equipment that produce oil and gas and water vapor and oil mist recovery treatment in closed industry space. Especially suitable for bearing, gold shoe processing and other manufacturing industries, fully enclosed machine tools (especially grinding machines), closed air conditioning constant temperature workshop.

    Oil mist eliminator

    Features of Oil Mist Eliminator:

    1. Intelligent. It can automatically judge the operation status of the work, and display the corresponding work indicator light. The oil mist particles with different particle sizes can be captured and the purification efficiency is high, which fundamentally solves the problem of pollution transfer.
    2. Flexible. The purification units can be flexibly combined, and the number of units can be adjusted according to the requirements of different purification capacity and purification rate.
    3. Convenience. The cleaning unit adopts separate drawer structure, easy to install and maintain, especially convenient to clean.
    4. Advanced. The power control system of oil mist eliminator can automatically adjust the electric field intensity, so that the purification equipment after long-term operation still maintain a high purification rate.
    5. Safety. The safety system is designed and toned. When the overhaul door is opened, the high voltage power supply will be cut off automatically. High voltage power supply is carefully designed into epoxy resin tightly closed unit, safe and reliable use; It adopts the flashover tracking technology used by large chickens and can be equipped with remote control system, which greatly improves the safety factor of operation.
    6. Stability. The power control system has the automatic protection device of over current voltage to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.
    7. Energy Saving. Long service life, energy saving (more than 50% energy saving than traditional technology).

    High speed and ultra high speed CNC machine tools (especially high speed milling and grinding machines) will produce a lot of cutting heat in the work, and the cutting fluid used for lubrication and cooling is easy to vaporize when encountering high temperature metal parts, resulting in a lot of oil mist, these oil and gas and fog contain polychlorinated biphenyl components, easy to cause toxic fog, Seriously hurt the health of workers these oil mist dispersion in the air in addition to environmental pollution, but also adsorption on the machine operator and clothes, harm its health.

    In developed countries, in order to protect workers' health and prevent occupational diseases, create a comfortable working environment, prolong the life of machine tools and improve productivity, the agency also enacted strict regulations to limit the allowable amount of cutting oil droplets in the air. Most CNC machine tools need to be equipped with the corresponding oil mist suction device.

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