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    Features & Applications of Insulation Rubber Sheet

    Features of Insulation rubber sheet
    The main raw material of insulation rubber sheet is rubber, which is the latex produced by rubber trees and other plants. The reason for using rubber as the material for insulating sheet is that rubber has superior properties which are incomparable with other materials. It has good physical and mechanical properties, and has excellent insulation performance. By passing different Electrical insulation performance tests, ATO industrial rubber sheet can be used in diverse voltage level environments.

    • First and foremost, the rubber sheet has an excellent insulating property, which makes the insulating rubber sheet work normally without being affected even under high voltage voltages.
    • Furthermore, the elasticity of rubber is also an excellent choice for insulating rubber sheet. The flexibility makes it less likely to break during flooring and other processes, and it has also great extensibility.
    • The rubber insulation board is also waterproof. It is effective against water penetration on the ground and protects the lives of staff.

    Insulation rubber sheet

    Applications of Insulation rubber sheet
    Insulating rubber sheet is one of the many materials used for industrial insulation. It is suitable for the surfacing of benches and floors in electronic places, as well as in power stations and substations. It is an excellent protective insulating floor mat. ATO rubber sheet offers three colors to choose including black, red and green. Meanwhile, rubber is not only used in the electric power industry, but also widely used in other industrial fields. Insulation rubber sheets can be used in industrial and mining machinery, transportation equipment as rubber gaskets, sealing gaskets, cushioning gaskets, etc. The rubber sheet is a product that can be adapted to different needs according to the voltage level. In this way, the efficiency of work is greatly improved. Therefore, different thicknesses of  rubber sheet should be used in different voltage levels. ATO provides 3mm*5kV5mm*10kV and 6mm*15kV rubber sheets.

    Using tips of Insulation rubber sheet
    The insulating performance of the rubber sheet is very critical. In many situations, it plays a very important role and can directly determine the safety of the construction workers. If you want to identify its insulation, you can check the electrical insulation performance test. ATO insulation rubber sheets have passed the authentic and effective voltage test. The rubber sheet should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment, keeping away from heat sources. It should avoid contamination by acid, alkali and oil as well as direct sunlight.

    • After the rubber sheet is installed, it can be rolled with a small roller. To make it fits tightly at the seam and gaps.
    • Paying more attention to the paving of the corners and walls. Because these parts are easy to accumulate dust and the corner parts are more difficult to operate and neglect, you can press repeatedly to squeeze out the gas.
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