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    What are the Applications of Oil Mist Eliminator?

    Oil mist eliminatorOil mist eliminator is a kind of industrial environmental protection equipment. Installed on machine tools, cleaning machines and other mechanical processing equipment, suction processing cavity of the oil mist, to achieve the purpose of purifying the air, protect the health of workers. Oil mist eliminator is widely used, it can not only be used in daily life, it can be used in a variety of fields.

    Efficiency and energy saving, oil mist eliminator efficiency is greater than 99%. Long-term use, no consumables. Improve the working environment to achieve clean production. Protect the physical and mental health of employees, reduce the occurrence of occupational diseases. Reduce the impact of smoke and oil mist on machine tool circuit system and control system, and reduce the maintenance cost of machine tool. The oil mist eliminator can recycle the cooling oil produced by the cold heading machine and reduce the production cost.

    In the following, ATO automation will introduce you to a few areas, hoping to make you more about oil mist eliminator.

    Oil mist eliminator application

    • First, the oil mist eliminator can be used in the process of industrial production. Now many countries attach importance to the development of industry. If the industry of this country wants to have a better space for development, it needs to pay attention to the environmental protection in the production process. In order to meet the air emission standards, the factory will need to use professional oil rouge purification equipment, so as to be able to dispose of industrial waste gas.
    • Second, the oil mist eliminator is very popular in the catering industry. If you want to better operate a hotel, you need to pay attention to create a better dining environment, and pay attention to the hotel's sense of responsibility, and the installation of this equipment can make the hotel more clean and tidy. In the long run, the hotel will be trusted by more people, so that the hotel can have better operation and development space.
    • Third, the oil mist eliminator can be used in daily life. If you want to have a clean and comfortable living environment, you should pay attention to the details from all aspects to improve your home environment. For example, a reliable lampblack purification equipment can help us to have a more exquisite life. When cooking, we only need to open the lampblack purification treatment equipment, which can be more convenient to dispose of the lampblack produced in the cooking process, so that we can avoid the kitchen being dirty by lampblack, and also avoid lampblack harming our health.
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