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    Gas Mass Flow Meter: Working Principle and Application

    The gas mass flowmeter is not affected by temperature and pressure changes, its display readings directly indicate the mass flow of gas, the applicable range is wide, gas mass flowmeter can be used both in the laboratory of small flow places can also be used in large installations in factory production.

    Gas mass flow meter working principle

    The gas mass flow meter is an instrument that measures the flow of gas using the principle of thermal dispersion. The sensor consists of two reference-level RTDs (thermal resistance devices). One is a velocity sensor RH and the other is a temperature sensor RMG that measures the change in gas temperature. when these two RTDs are placed in the gas being measured, one of the sensors RH is heated and the other sensor RMG is used to sense the temperature of the gas being measured. As the gas flow rate increases, the gas stream takes away more heat, and the temperature of sensor RH decreases.

    Digital gas mass flow meter

    Gas mass flow meter applications

    Public works electricity, gas, water treatment monitoring

    Pipeline gas; general system; biogas; gas; natural gas; liquefied gas; boiler preheating air.

    Oil and gas industry

    Energy exchange; well gas recovery; gas metering; gas quality analysis; leak gas testing; natural gas measurement; flare gas monitoring.

    Power Industry

    Gas measurement during gas distribution in fuel systems; measurement of various gases in boilers and auxiliary systems; gas measurement in gas furnaces; hydrogen measurement; measurement of primary and secondary air in power plant blast furnaces.

    Chemical industry

    Flue gas cycle monitoring; gas flow measurement in sampling system; gas flow measurement of induced draft fan; ammonia measurement in fertilizer plant; various gas flow measurements in a battery plant.

    Metallurgical industry

    Steel plant gas measurement; measurement of blast furnace gas in the iron-making plant; measurement of coke oven gas in coking plant; measurement and control of heating furnace gas (blast furnace gas, coking gas, natural gas, etc.) in steel rolling plant; control of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other gases in heat treatment quenching furnace, etc.

    Pulp and paper industry

    Measurement of gas in wastewater treatment systems; flue flow monitoring; boiler recovery of secondary/tertiary air; boiler gas and air supply measurement.

    Magnetic flow meter application

    Food and pharmaceutical industry

    Fresh air addition in processing operations; carbon dioxide treatment in breweries; the flow of hot air in bottle sterilizers; gas flow measurement in thermal oxidation processes; ventilation systems; boiler intake, exhaust gas, and process control.

    Environmental protection

    Gas measurement in biogas utilization process; chlorine gas measurement in chlorine treatment process; gas measurement in aeration tank in the wastewater treatment process; SO2 and NOX emission monitoring in flue exhaust of smoke pipe.

    Other industries

    Plant compressed air measurement; pulverized coal combustion process powder/gas ratio control fuel; cement industry vertical mill emission hot gas flow control.

    ATO gas mass flow meters with digital displays are easy to read, sensitive, repeatable and can accurately track flow rates. offers a wide range of flow meters, including gas mass flow meters, magnetic flow meters, vortex flow meters, turbine flow meters, and portable ultrasonic flow meters.

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