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    How to Maintain Flow Meter in Winter?

    In the winter, as the temperature drops, it frequently appears that the ambient temperature is too low for phenomena like freezing, solidifying, crystallization, and other phenomena when the measured medium is transferred to the transmitter through the measurement line. This is because the ambient temperature is too low and outside the instrument's normal working temperature range, which has an impact on the instrument's measurement display accuracy. Additionally, since the measurement medium is primarily liquid and is affected by low temperatures, measurement errors are more prone to occur. Serious cases may result in poisoning, fire, explosion, and other safety mishaps.

    Therefore, the instrumentation of the cold and freezing job is crucial throughout the winter every year. And some major instrumentation users have developed systems for their enterprise instrumentation to prevent freezing, as well as the instrumentation of freezing, sewage treatment, and other aspects of the work. Examples of these large instrumentation users include power plants, petroleum, chemical, and water plants, among others. We will talk about how the instrument users perform the winter instrumentation freeze protection task in this issue. Instrumentation user should take into account the instrumentation in the working conditions and choose with insulating device type instrumentation during early installation of the instrumentation in order to perform a good job of instrumentation freezing. In accordance with the flow meter's category, the location of the intended installation, the instrument's insulation needs, and the freezing requirements, and after dealing with the manufacturer.

    Measures to insulate flow meterMagnetic flow meter

    Insulating employing insulation materials, or the wrapping of components of equipment that are susceptible to freezing out of fear, When winter arrives, it is common to examine the drainage system to stop the packaging of insulation materials from breaking.

    Measures for tracing heat

    Using pipe steam heating insulation as an additional source of heat. Before sending steam, winter insulation should be checked to see if the steam insulation pipeline is open or obstructed. The best steam is continuous for 24 hours, not too hot, and occasionally according to weather temperature changes to adjust the amount of steam for insulation, in order to prevent the temperature being too high to make the transmitter lead tube condensate vaporize and affect the transmitter's operation, or because the temperature is too low to make the transmitter lead tube condensate freeze and affect the smooth operation of the transmitter.

    Insulation protection box measurements

    1. an electric heat pipe with heat insulation box, by the box, heater, instrument bracket, and other three major components; its construction and protection box are same; the difference is that the box is equipped with an electrical heating device, starting heat device is by the electric heat pipe, temperature controller, and the side of the box is equipped with a socket when the power is connected. The temperature in the box can be kept within a particular range by repeating the process. The thermostat heater's primary characteristics.
      (1), rated voltage 200V.50Hz; (2), rated power 300–500W; (3), user-adjustable control temperature; (4) It is also possible to create explosion-proof constant temperature heaters; (5) There are three different types of electric heating tube material: copper tube, carbon steel tube, and stainless steel tube.
    2. a steam tube with a heat insulation box and a metal tube S-type structure for the heat pipe. The accompanying heat pipe was inserted in the box for the upper into the lower out, through the steam in the cavity of the circulation, and to achieve heating goals. The box body up and down using the welding type wear plate joint and the accompanying heat pipe welding.
    3. purple copper tube and seamless steel tube are the two main types of material used in heat tracing tubes (carbon steel).

    Maintenance measures

    1. Installation precautions Reasonable site selection for the installation: dry, snow-free, and free of precipitation.
    2. two-point inspection procedures When possible, a person should check every day for technical confirmation and technical disposal to see if the insulation material is damaged or if the steam pipeline is blocked.
    3. To help with the discovery of hidden issues and prompt correction of insulation and anti-freezing measures, alarm measures can be implemented with steam leakage or power off condition sound and light alarm small device.

    Inspection measuresLiquid turbine flow meter

    Regular inspections shall be carried out in accordance with the planned inspection route by the person in charge of maintaining the regional instrumentation. The inspection should determine whether the insulation pipeline valve, the insulation box, the hydrophobic device, the insulation material packing, the electrical accompanying heat supply components, etc. are all in good working order. Instrumentation that is prone to freezing should be carefully inspected and records of inspections should be kept. Instrumentation should also undergo dry, thorough, clean maintenance with prompt resolution of any on-site insulation and heating issues.

    1. Insulation to send steam before performing a thorough examination to see whether the insulation pipeline is smooth. Additionally, it's a good idea to check the drainage system frequently during the winter to avoid blockages in the insulation pipes since if they are blocked, they can easily freeze, which is a major issue. When the temperature changes, you may need to modify the steam supply to avoid having the condensate in the transmitter's pilot tube vaporize and interfere with the transmitter's operation. Be cautious.
    2. The insulation of the instrumentation equipment is the main issue during the winter in the north. The first consideration is to do a good insulation layer and add good heat, as for the choice of electric heat, steam heat, or low-temperature water heating, in the winter before the arrival of the whole comprehensive check again all instrumentation equipment insulation and heat problems, for the winter of the previous year often because of insulation and heat failure of the instrumentation equipment, collectively reported to the workshop, we discuss, and study the solution.Consider replacing the measurement equipment, such as changing the original float into a double flange, etc., if the insulation and heat are worn out. to maintain regular and smooth instrumentation equipment throughout the winter. Wrap the instrument's parts that are prone to freezing or are terrified of freezing in insulation material to insulate it. Check and drain frequently when winter arrives to avoid the packing insulation material breaking.

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