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    How to Select the Appropriate Flow Meter?

    The general rule of choosing a flowmeter is, first and foremost, to thoroughly understand the structural principles of various flowmeters, fluid properties, and other aspects of knowledge, but also according to the specific circumstances of the site and look at the surrounding environmental conditions. This is done in order to ensure the accuracy of the flowmeter, stability at the same time, its widest range, and the minimum lower limit. Moreover, there are other issues. Let's keep up with to find out more!Flow meters


    Raw material detection, production process control, product quality testing and material energy consumption, safety production, environmental testing, accountability assessment, business management, and other aspects all depend on the measurement and detection of accurate data, with the enterprise using the same period of data cross-ratio to make management decisions. As a result, the managers' assessment of the data outputs is directly influenced by the flowmeter's accuracy. A highly precise flowmeter must be chosen.

    Product suggestions:

    1. With a high-performance flowmeter and an ultra-wide range, super stable, super anti-interference flowmeter.
    2. Flowmeter products that have remote diagnosis and management systems can react quickly to the processing of flow data under changing conditions to assure accuracy.


    Since flow meter is a dynamic quantity, many factors, including the pipeline, caliber size, shape (round or rectangular), boundary conditions, the medium's physical characteristics (temperature, pressure, density, viscosity, dirtiness, corrosion, etc.), the fluid flow state (turbulent flow state, velocity distribution, etc.), installation conditions, and the degree of impact, will have an impact on the measurement instrument.
    It is advised to immediately replace the flow meter if it is sensitive to the external environment, unable to adapt to a challenging working environment, has weak anti-interference capabilities, and thus produces a non-linear output with rapid variations in measurement data.

    Product suggestions:

    1. With the flow meter performing strongly against interference.
    2. With remote flow meter product diagnosis and management system, can react quickly to the processing of flow data under changing conditions to guarantee accuracy.

    The widest range

    The largest range of the flow meter is a significant indicator of the influence of flowmeter performance, even though the flow meter error is caused by a variety of circumstances, including working conditions and environment. The relative error within the measurement range is used to express the general instrument's accuracy. Therefore, accuracy increases as the measured value gets closer to the total amount. However, in the transportation of steam, the real flow meter range is frequently not precisely established, thus the flowmeter operates for a considerable amount of time outside the measurement range, resulting in a significant measurement error. As a result, you should think about employing a metering system with a broad variety of compensation algorithm features when selecting a flow measuring system.

    Product suggestions:

    1. With a high-performance flowmeter and an ultra-wide range, super stable, super anti-interference flowmeter.

    After-sales service

    In general, businesses demand that flow meters be routinely calibrated if the requirements for measurement precision are high for trade accounting, storage, transit handover, and material balancing. The flow meter calibration cycle typically occurs once a year, but for the device must be calibrated at the time of calibration, most manufacturers must travel back to the factory. The factory recommends a 15-day calibration cycle, which means that during this time, the replaceable flowmeter must be replaced or simply ignored because the production line is still in operation. As a result, the direct costs or losses incurred should not be understated.

    Due to the modular design of some flow meters, repairs can sometimes cost more than half of the original cost. On the other hand, maintenance of the flow meter's life, accuracy, and stability cannot be guaranteed, so it is advised to replace the flow meter in this situation. If the regular identification error is significant, it is difficult to maintain it. 

    Product suggestions:

    1. The flow meter devices have remote diagnosis and management systems that enable quick response to changing flow data processing conditions while maintaining accuracy.
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