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    Gas Solenoid Valve vs. Water Solenoid Valve

    Gas Solenoid Valve
    The gas solenoid valve is used for various ambient temperature, high temperature, negative pressure, low pressure and high pressure applications. The applicable fluid is air, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, helium, carbon dioxide gas, argon gas, methane and other gas pipelines. Generally, solenoid valve for gas is mainly used in wide applications such as medical apparatus and instruments, rubber plastic machinery, clothing equipment, drying equipment and pharmacy industry, cooling industry, HVAC industry, electroplating coating industry, food and beverage industry and vacuum equipment industry.

    The gas solenoid valve has the following features:Solenoid valve
    1. Sealing materials of the gas solenoid valve can bear a high temperature of 500℃.
    2. Valve body of the gas solenoid valve can be cast under a pressure of as high as 100Mpa.
    3. Coils of the gas solenoid valve are made of heat-resisting materials, they can be applied to high ambient temperature that highly fits the gas pipeline. The coils have a long service life.
    4. Gas solenoid valve can adopt the highest protection level, explosion-proof coil can also be used in the complex gas pipeline environments.

    Water Solenoid Valve
    Water solenoid valve refers to the solenoid valves that can control the pipeline on-off automatically or remotely when the liquid medium is water, hot water, cool water or sewage water. The water solenoid valve is widely used in the clean water transportation pipeline of the printing and dyeing industry, rinsing industry, power plants, petroleum and chemical industries, metallurgical industry, textile industry, food industry, shipbuilding industry, medical industry, environmental protection, cities and other industries. It's mainly used to complete automatic control of medium in the water transportation pipeline system, and it's a perfect choice for automatic control of water transportation pipeline.

    Water solenoid valve has the following features:
    1. Water solenoid valve is generally sealed with rubbers, so it has slight pollution to the working medium with quick on-off performance and high reliability.
    2. In general, the water solenoid valve is not corrosive, so it can be made of cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel and brass.
    3. The water solenoid valve is generally used under normal pressure and temperature, so explosion-proof is not needed.

    Major difference between the gas solenoid valve and water solenoid valve
    Gas solenoid valve often requires higher protection and explosion-proof grades, higher temperature-resistance and longer service life. If the medium is oxygen, degreased materials should be adopted. By comparison, the watersolenoid valve has more simple requirements.

    ATO provides 2-way normally closed, 2-way normally open electric solenoid valves for handling the flow of air, water, oil and steam and 3-way and 5-way pneumatic solenoid valves for compressed air control. Besides, ATO solenoid valves are available in brass, aluminum, and stainless steel and various port sizes for selection.

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