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    Gear Motors Troubleshooting

    The gear motor refers to the reducer and the motor. It can be divided into DC gear motors and AC gear motors. It is widely used. You may encounter work abnormalities in daily life. Let's take a look at the troubleshooting of the geared motor.

    Common problems of gear motors:

    The gear motor cannot be started for the first time.

    Solution: Due to low temperature or other reasons, the fluidity of the lubricating oil inside the reducer deteriorates, and the instantaneous current of the motor rises, resulting in overload protection of the drive. You can try to start it a few more times. Gear motors have gear wear and iron cutting. At this time, it is necessary to disassemble the machine for cleaning or replace the internal gears.

    There is a knocking sound inside.

    Solution: The internal planet carrier is transposed, and the gear friction produces iron cutting. At this time, the reducer needs to be replaced.

    The output shaft does not rotate.

    Solution: The output end bearing is displaced, deformed or worn. It is necessary to change the machine and the bearing and check whether the internal gear is worn or cracked.

    Gear motors have oil leakage.

    Solution: This situation is a common situation. It is mainly caused by too much lubricating oil. When the excess grease is consumed, this situation will not occur.

    Shaft broken occurs.

    Solution: If the reducer is overloaded for a long time, the output shaft will be partially broken due to fatigue. Operating in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements can greatly reduce the occurrence of such accidents. Uneven force on the output shaft, radial load beyond the rated range, or long-term operation at the rated high force will cause this failure. You can check whether the load exceeds the rated range, if so, you need to replace it with a larger gearbox motor.

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