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    How to Properly Lubricate Planetary Gear Motors?

    The planetary geared motor is the same as other geared motors. It needs to be lubricated when it is running. This will not only speed up the operation of the planetary gear motor, but also ensure its normal operation. How to properly lubricate your planetary gear motors?

    Select grease for planetary geared motor bearing load, and grease with low penetration for heavy load. In addition to the small penetration when pressing down, it also has a relatively high oil film strength and pressing performance.Planetary gear motor

    When selecting grease based on environmental conditions, the grease should not dissolve easily in water and is suitable for dry and low-water environments. When selecting according to working temperature, the main indicators should be dropping point, oxidation stability and low temperature performance. The dropping point can generally be used to evaluate the temperature.

    The improper lubrication method of the DC planetary gear motor is also an aspect that causes poor lubrication. Splash de-lubrication is mainly used for rotating speed occasions. Obviously, the low speed situation is not suitable for this kind of medium load. The lubrication of planetary gear motors can be used for the lubrication of centralized grease supply equipment.

    Unreasonable lubrication and structural design defects will lead to the instability of planetary gear motors in the application. This shows that the first problem is the reduction of service life, the second is the large noise and vibration and finally caused frequent maintenance. Therefore, we must do a good job in the lubrication of planetary gear motors to ensure that the product can work perfectly.

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