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    How Long Does Air Conditioner Capacitor Last?

    With the continuous improvement of the function and quality of our electrical products, people are inseparable from them in daily life. As one of the must-have appliances in our home, air conditioners can not only provide us with a comfortable living environment temperature but also help us get through the hot summer. The work of the air conditioner is inseparable from the air conditioner capacitor. How long do air conditioner capacitors last? What's the problem with a bad air conditioner capacitor? These are all things we need to pay attention to.

    What is the life expectancy of air conditioner capacitor?

    The actual service life of power capacitors has always been a common concern of users and manufacturers. Manufacturers of power capacitors are designed and produced in accordance with the requirements that 90% of the products produced by the capacitors can operate reliably for 20 to 30 years under the conditions of use specified by national standards and related technical conditions. However, the actual situation is that the actual service life of the same capacitor varies greatly due to different actual use conditions.

    The actual life of the air conditioning capacitor is related to whether the grid voltage is stable, whether it is started frequently, and its own quality. If the quality is good, it can be used for the same life as the air conditioner, and the poor quality may be several months.

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    What happens if my air conditioner capacitor goes bad?

    The indoor and outdoor units are equipped with two capacitors. The large volume is the compressor capacitor, and the small volume is the external motor capacitor. Different capacitors have different fault conditions.

    • When the compressor capacitor is damaged, there will be vibration and a lot of noise. If you press the handle on the upper casing of the compressor, you can feel a small vibration, and the sound is similar to that of the current passing through. After waiting for a while, it will stop running.
    • When the external motor capacitor is damaged, the external motor will stop by itself after a period of normal operation. If there is a fault code, it will be protected by high voltage and exhaust pipe temperature.

    How to check if the air conditioner capacitor is working properly?

    • Connect the 220V AC first, you can connect one pole first, and then connect the other power cord to the other capacitor. If there is a significant small spark when contacting, it means that the capacitor is charged, that is, it is damaged.
    • You can use a digital meter to detect the capacitance and connect the test leads to the two poles of the capacitor. If the pointer of the multimeter changes, it will slowly return to the zero position or beside zero, indicating that the capacitor is normal. The larger the capacity of the capacitor, the longer the charging time, and the slower the pointer swings to zero. If the pointer does not change significantly after being connected or does not move at all, it means that the capacitor is bad.
    • It can also be detected by a digital multimeter, adjust the multimeter to the appropriate resistance gear, and then connect the red and black test leads to the two poles of the capacitor under test respectively. At this time, the value will increase from zero to one. If it is always zero, It means that the capacitor is short-circuited. If it always overflows, it means that the capacitor has an open circuit. It may also be that the selected resistance gear is wrong.

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