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    How to Improve Explosion Proof Solenoid Valve?

    Explosion proof solenoid valve is made of a full number of turns coil and aluminum alloy material and other common fine process of die casting, it is mainly suitable for full of gas, hydrogen and natural gas and other explosive gas environment.

    Although explosion proof solenoid valve has many advantages, but also can be improved. In this article, ATO industrial automation will give you a detailed introduction to the explosion proof solenoid valve can be improved.

    Explosion proof solenoid valve improvement

    • It can be made by pouring and sealing structure with first-class explosion proof function. The difference between the explosion-proof solenoid valve and the general solenoid valve is that it can achieve high frequency application in the explosive gas environment. Because it is made of pouring structure, so that the explosion-proof solenoid valve has first-class explosion-proof function, pouring structure will be completely isolated from the outside dust, toxic medium and body fluids caused damage to the internal structure of the explosion-proof solenoid valve.
    • Solidified packaging is used to improve protection performance. Explosion proof solenoid valves are widely acclaimed in both mine working environment and other high-risk explosion areas. This is because it uses a cured package structure to greatly enhance the blast protection performance of the solenoid valve, all the high performance components in the solenoid valve has been isolated by insulating plastic and ceramic materials.
    • With excellent explosion-proof mechanism to enhance the safety of the explosion environment. Some explosive gas working environment is the reason why explosion-proof solenoid valve love, this is because it has an excellent explosion-proof mechanism. It is well known that explosive gas meets Mars or other types of flammable and explosive substances, prone to regional explosion risk, and explosion-proof solenoid valve is easy to quickly capture this explosive hazard, but also help to rely on their explosion-proof function to extend the service life.

    Explosion proof solenoid valve leap development makes explosive gas environment has a more powerful reserve force, the service level of explosion-proof solenoid valve has therefore been put on the new evaluation agenda. The explosion-proof solenoid valve is more suitable for application in explosive gas environment, this is not only because it uses the pouring structure to make a first-class explosion proof function, but also because it uses solidified packaging to improve the protection performance, and has a good explosion proof mechanism, so as to improve the safety of the explosion environment.

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