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    What are the Advantages of Explosion Proof Solenoid Valve?

    Solenoid valve is an industrial equipment controlled by electromagnetic, which is used to control the automatic basic components of the fluid and belongs to the actuator.

    Explosion-proof solenoid valve is to close all the parts of the equipment that may ignite the explosive gas mixture in a shell. The shell can withstand any joint surface or structural gap through the shell, and the combustible mixture that penetrates into the inside of the shell will explode inside without damage. In this article, ATO automation will introduce the 4 advantages of explosion proof solenoid valve.

    Explosion proof solenoid valve advantage


    • Medium characteristics. The temperature and pressure state of the medium should be consistent with the parameters of the solenoid valve. The temperature of the medium should be selected within the allowable range of the solenoid valve. Otherwise, the coil will be burned off and the sealing parts will be aging, which seriously affects the life. Viscosity is usually below 20 cst. If more than this value, solenoid valve for special order. When cleanliness is not high, a filter should be installed in front of the solenoid valve. The medium is generally directional flow, and does not allow backflow, such as reverse pressure difference, should be installed check valve, to protect the normal work of the solenoid valve.
    • Pipe parameters. According to the medium flow requirements and pipe connection mode to choose the valve caliber and model, can also be selected according to the flow and valve kV value nominal diameter, can also choose the same pipe diameter.
    • Environmental conditions. The maximum and minimum ambient temperatures shall be within the permissible range of the selected product. The relative humidity in the environment is high and there are water droplets and rain, waterproof solenoid valve should be selected. In corrosive or explosive environment should be preferred according to the safety requirements of the solenoid valve.
    • Condition of power supply. Power supply voltage fluctuation usually choose +%10%.-15% AC, DC allowed ±10% or so. The rated current and power consumption should be selected according to the power supply capacity. It should be noted that the AV value is high when AC starts.


    • Working life. Life test and action reliability test items, in order to ensure the quality and life of the solenoid valve you buy should choose regular manufacturers of famous brand products.
    • In other occasions. The number of movements is not much, but the reliability requirements are very high, such as fire protection, emergency protection, must not be taken lightly, to choose high-quality and reliable products.


    • Corrosive media should choose stainless steel solenoid valve, for strong corrosion of the medium must choose isolation type sealing structure solenoid valve.
    • Explosive environment must choose the corresponding explosion-proof grade products, open installation or dust occasions should choose waterproof, dust-proof varieties.
    • The nominal pressure of the solenoid valve should exceed the highest working pressure in the pipe.


    Economy is one of the electromagnetic valve selection scale, but must be in the safe, applicable, reliable based on the choice. Economy is not only the price of a product, but also the function and quality of the product as well as the cost of installation, maintenance and other accessories. In a word, economy not only refers to the product price, but the product performance price ratio, comprehensive cost price ratio.

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