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    How to Maintain Line Reactor?

    Prevention of oil leakage: the oil tank of oil-immersed line reactor is filled with line reactor oil and oil-immersed line reactor is sealed with grease-proof rubber elements pressed by fastener in assembly. Poor sealing is the main cause for oil leakage of line reactor, so user should pay attention it in maintenance.Small bolts are loose after vibration. The loose bolts should be fastened appropriately. Whether rubber ruptures or deforms seriously. If it does, replace them with rubber of same model and specification and keep sealing surface clean.

    Wetting prevention of line reactor: as a high voltage equipment, line reactor should have a good insulation. Oil-immersed type reactor is easy to be wetted, so wetting prevention is one of the main measures in maintenance of line reactor. Users should pay attention to the following items: after line reactor is purchased, ask administration of power supply to conduct a commissioning test timely.

    The line reactors with the capacity of more than 100KVA are all equipped with dehydrating breather. On arriving at site, line reactors should be equipped with dehydrating breather in case that the inside of equipment is wetted. Replace the wet silica gel in dehydrating breather. The silica gel in dehydrating breather is used to absorb the moisture and protect line reactor. When silica gel absorbs enough moisture and changes its color, replace it with dry silica gel. Reduce the storage time of line reactor before power transmission. After being made, line reactor is easy to be wetted as time goes by. Therefore, a plan should be made to reduce storage time furthest.

    Line ReactorThe small line reactors with the capacity of less than 100KVA are not equipped with dehydrating breather. The oil in expansion tank is easy to be wetted leading to water accumulation. For the line reactors which have been stored for more than six months or operated for more than one year, the oil in its expansion tank is wetted seriously. Before lifting, repair, refueling, oil drainage of oil valve and core lifting, drain oil by pulling the drain plug under expansion tank out and wipe and seal oil drain in case that the dirty oil in expansion tank enters oil tank.

    In the operation of line reactor, pay attention to the changes of oil level, oil temperature, voltage and current and analyze and handle abnormal situations timely. In the installation of line reactor, don’t connect aluminum wire or aluminum row to the copper guide rod of line reactor in case of corroding guide rod.

    Oil replacement and drying treatment of line reactor: if the long idle time or operation time or other nature and human factors cause insulation deterioration of line reactor, water inflow or oil deterioration, oil replacement and drying treatment should be conducted to line reactor. Oil replacement of line reactor: lift the body of line reactor out, drain sump oil, wash oil tank, and wash the greasy dirt on the body of line reactor if any. After drying, fill line reactor with oil and replace all grease-proof rubber seals. The line reactor can be operated only after passing the test.

    Drying treatment of line reactor: its body has many drying methods. Users can adopt zero phase sequence drying method, eddy drying method, short circuit drying method and oven drying method when they dry line reactor by themselves.

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