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    How to Solve Line Reactor Failure?

    1.How to solve the surface discharging of line reactor?

    Dry air parallel line reactor doesn't have any form of surface discharge in dry state. When it is raining, the parts with low temperature rise have conductive water film and high surface leakage current. Near end backflow lead row with concentrated surface electric leakage and the spots on the surface of waist have dirty and wet charge and electric leakage traces. Hydrophobic coating can restrain leakage current and prevent any form of surface discharge effectively.

    The end adopts the improvement measures of pre-burried annular current sharing electrode structure to solve the concentrated current leakage on lower end surface. Electric arcs can be prevented even without hydrophobic coating or when hydrophobic coating fails. As the currently best structure improvement measure, rainhat and rain protection layer can restrain surface current leakage to some extent.

    2.How to solve the local heating of line reactor?

    If line reactor has local heating, reduce the loads of line reactor and strengthen ventilation. If necessary, adopt provisional measures, such as strengthening the blowing of fan. Eliminate faults when the opportunity of outage comes.

    3.How to solve the the fracture of porcelain support insulator of line reactor?

    If the concrete column is damaged or porcelain support insulator has cracks, coils buldge and are earthed, adopt standby line reactor, disconnect and repair breaker. After the fault is eliminated, put it into operation.

    4.How to solve the the burnout of line reactor?

    Line-Reactor.If the concrete column of line reactor and porcelain support insulator crack or some coils of line reactor burn out, check whether relay protection functions. If relay protection doesn't function, disconnect the power supply of line reactor manually, stop faulted line reactor and start the standby line reactor.

    5.How to solve the screw extraction of ascending flange base of high voltage bushing of line reactor?

    The vibration frequency of body is not in line with that of grading ring. Owing to the damping of transformer oil, grading ring has a low vibration frequency. And owing to single point welding and aluminum sheet welding, it has a poor mechanical strength. In the long-term operation, the vibration brought by the inconsistent vibration frequency of earth tag of line reactor (aluminum, welding) and grading ring causes metal fatigue and cracks. Solution: fix ascending flange base and body to reduce free-running vibration.

    Loop current heating caused by flux leakage, design defects of high voltage outgoing line and surface oxidation of bolt heat the local eddy in single bolt weakening its mechanical strength. Solution: replace the fixed screw of ascending flange base with stainless steel screw to reduce the influences of flux leakage.

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