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    How to Use Laser Distance Meter?

    How to use laser distance meter?

    Laser distance meter can be used to measure the distance, more used in the industrial field, can be used for industrial mapping, the general use of most handheld laser distance meter.

    Battery replacement

    • Press and hold the disassembly button, push left to remove the back cover.
    • Open the battery slot cover, install or replace the battery.
    • When the battery is too low, the screen will display a signal, according to the correct polarity of the battery installed, the function of alkaline batteries.
    • Insert the back cover along the slot until it is in place.

    Start to close the rangefinder

    Press the red READ key briefly, the illumination, battery level and beep will be shown on the display until the first working command is issued. In 150 seconds without touching any key, the distance meter will automatically shut down.

    Clear key (red 0FF/CLEAR )

    Clear key can make the instrument return to the regular mode, that is, he will restore the zero position. Clear key can be used before or after the measurement calculation. In a certain function (area or volume), you can use the Clear key to go back to the previous command and make a new measurement.

    How to use laser distance meter

    Setting the measurement reference edge

    Press the measurement reference selection key until the desired measurement reference edge appears. The setting of the measuring reference edge will be changed only when the instrument is set up again or when it is switched off. When the fixed flap under the instrument is open, the laser distance meter can automatically recognize the measurement reference edge and set the measurement reference edge to get the correct measurement value.


    • Single distance measurement: press READ key, cutter laser beam, align the instrument to the target to be measured, and press READ key again, the measured distance data will be shown on the display in the specified unit immediately.
    • Minimum and maximum measurement: This function can measure the minimum and maximum distance from a fixed point, and measure the interval distance. Press and hold the READ key until you hear a beeping sound, after which the instrument enters continuous measurement mode, and then slowly sweep the laser back and forth several times at the target. Press the READ key again to terminate the continuous measurement mode, and the maximum or minimum distance measured will be displayed on the main display area on the screen.


    1. Add or subtract: add or subtract the measurement value: measurement + / measurement + / measurement ...... = result. The same method can be used to add or subtract area and volume.
    2. Area: Press the area/volume key once to perform the area measurement. Make the necessary measurements twice and the corresponding results will be displayed on the screen.
    3. Volume: Press the area/volume key twice for volume measurement and the corresponding icon is shown on the display. Make the necessary measurements three times and the corresponding results will be displayed on the screen.
    4. Indirect measurement: Distance can be calculated by the Pythagoras law, this function is suitable for direct measurement or measurement with dangerous sides.
    5. Storage of constants: A commonly used value can be saved for recall. To measure the desired distance, press and hold the store button until the beep is heard, then the desired value is saved.
      The desired value is saved.
    6. Re-call the constant: Press the store button to call up the constant, which is then available for calculation.
    7. Delay measurement: press and hold the timing key, the screen will show the corresponding time flashing, press the + / key to adjust the required delay time, press the READ key, this Press the READ key to start the countdown until the measured value will be shown on the display.

    How to calibrate digital laser distance meter?

    Set the reference and self-calibration

    The laser distance meter can be set independently whether the front end of the instrument is the reference or the back end is the reference, set the reference position before use, and use the self-calibration function to calibrate.

    Pythagoras measurement method

    For situations where direct measurement is not possible, the built-in Pythagoras theorem of the handheld laser rangefinder can be used for indirect measurement. Observe the target object to build a right triangle, then measure the hypotenuse and right angle edge respectively according to the instructions of the digital distance meter, and then the instrument automatically calculates the length or distance of the object to be measured.

    Use the maximum and minimum value to measure

    When measuring the distance between the two walls, many people are using the horizontal bubble to adjust the level of the rangefinder, and then directly measured. In order to get more accurate data, you can use the minimum measurement function. When the minimum measurement function is turned on, the digital distance meter will carry out continuous measurement, at this time you only need to gently and slowly move the laser point up and down, the instrument will automatically record the minimum value of the measurement process, when the measurement is stopped, the distance meter will display the minimum value as the final measurement result, so that the true distance between the two walls The true distance between the two walls can be easily measured. The maximum value is used similarly to the minimum value, but the maximum value is mainly used for measuring the distance to the beveled edge.

    White paper for measuring highly reflective or highly penetrating target surfaces

    The ideal reflective surface for a distance mete is a white, hard, flat, diffuse reflective surface. If the measuring surface is too smooth, such as a mirror or smooth gold surface, the laser line will be reflected, so the actual measurement results will be large; if the measuring surface is penetrating, such as transparent glass or liquid surface, the laser line will be penetrated and refracted, so the actual measurement results will be small, in both cases, it is enough to paste a white paper on the target surface and then measure.

    What are the precautions for using laser distance meter?

    1. When installing the battery, pay attention to the negative pole and use alkaline batteries for the function.
    2. Do not measure the laser rangefinder laser directly against the sun, eyes or through the reflective surface (such as mirror reflection) irradiation eyes.
    3. The use of the process must be carefully and gently placed, should be avoided in the excessive humidity and high temperature or direct sunlight.
    4. The sun is too strong, the ambient temperature fluctuates too much, the reflective surface reflection effect is weak, the battery power is insufficient in the case of measurement results will have a large error, such cases In this case, with the target reflector plate to use better results.

    Buy a digital laser distance meter online and measure distances up to 40m, 50m, 60m, 100m to 120m with the level of accuracy you need. The clear LCD display is easy to read and the laser rangefinder can measure area and volume in addition to distance.

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