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    Distance Meter Buying Guide

    The handheld distance meter also known as a laser distance measurer or rangefinder, is based on electromagnetic wave science, optics, acoustics, and other principles and has a compact body, used for distance measurement instruments. Selecting a distance meter involves considering various factors to ensure it meets your specific needs. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a distance meter.

    What is Distance Meter?

    In large-scale engineering activities, people always need to measure the distance inevitably. When people measure the distance, they mostly use the distance meter, which is not only convenient to use, but also accurate in measurement process. So what is a distance meter? How does the distance meter work? Below we will introduce the knowledge about the distance meter in detail, including the definition and working principle of the distance meter, hoping to help friends in need.

    How do You Calibrate a Distance Meter?

    Distance meters are commonly used in construction and other fields. It has high accuracy and is a relatively easy-to-use distance measuring device. It is very important to calibrate the distance meter before use, because correct calibration helps to improve the measurement accuracy of the distance meter and reduce errors. How to calibrate the distance meter? Let us understand its calibration method and maintenance items together.

    Distance Meter Price List

    The handheld distance meter is based on the use of electromagnetic wave science, optics, acoustics, and other principles and has a compact body, used for distance measurement instruments. Principle: The handheld distance meter shoots a very thin laser beam to the target when working, and the laser beam reflected from the target is received by the photoelectric element, and the timer determines the time from the emission to the reception of the laser beam to calculate the distance from the observer to the target.

    How does a Laser Distance Meter Work?

    Laser distance measurement is based on the same principle as radio radar. After the laser is aimed at the target and fired, its round-trip time is measured and multiplied by the speed of light to obtain the round-trip distance. Since laser has the advantages of high directionality, high monochromaticity and high power, which are crucial for measuring long distances, determining the orientation of the target, improving the signal-to-noise ratio of the receiving system, and ensuring the measurement accuracy, laser rangefinders are gaining more and more attention. Based on the laser rangefinder, LIDAR can not only measure the distance, but also the target's orientation, speed and acceleration. It has been successfully used for the ranging and tracking of artificial satellites.

    How to Use Laser Distance Meter?

    The ideal reflective surface for a distance mete is a white, hard, flat, diffuse reflective surface. If the measuring surface is too smooth, such as a mirror or smooth gold surface, the laser line will be reflected, so the actual measurement results will be large; if the measuring surface is penetrating, such as transparent glass or liquid surface, the laser line will be penetrated and refracted, so the actual measurement results will be small, in both cases, it is enough to paste a white paper on the target surface and then measure.