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    Pneumatic Grease Pump Working Principle

    A pneumatic grease pump, also known as an air grease pump, or pneumatic butter machine, is a pressure-increasing machine professionally used to inject butter into the lubrication station. It is widely used in machine tools, equipment, automobiles, ships and other industries. With the continuous development and progress of the industry, it has contracted the use of lubricating grease in machinery. The traditional grease gun that relies on the arm to provide pressure has long been unable to meet the needs of the development of the times. How to better lubricate and maintain machine tools, equipment, automobiles, ships, etc. has become the mission of the butter machine industry, especially for the higher pressure of butter filling. The pressure ratio of the pneumatic grease pump is 40:1; 50:1; 60:1, and the oil output pressure is as high as 24-48MPa, which is equivalent to 240Kg-480Kg kg.

    How does a pneumatic grease pump work?

    The pneumatic grease pump is an oil pump, which is composed of an air pump and a plunger pump.

    The upper part of the oil injection pump is an air pump. The compressed air enters the air distribution chamber and passes through the airflow reversing devices such as sliders and slide valves so that the air enters the upper end of the cylinder piston or the lower end of the piston so that the piston can be automatically reversed within a certain stroke. Intake and exhaust, so as to make a reciprocating movement. The lower part of the oil injection pump is a plunger pump, its power comes from the air pump, the two are connected by a connecting rod, and reciprocate synchronously with the air pump. There are two one-way valves in the plunger pump, one is sleeved on the lifting rod, which is called the four-leg valve disc and the lifting rod for axial sealing. Another nylon piston at the oil discharge port at the end of the plunger rod is linearly scaled with the discharge valve seat with a conical surface, and their work is to work back and forth synchronously with the oil injection pump. When the plunger rod moves upward, the nylon plunger is closed, the lifting rod is connected to the lifting plate to lift the oil upward, and the oil pushes open the four-leg valve and opens upward into the pump. When the plunger rod moves downward, the four-leg valve closes downward, and the oil in the pump is squeezed by the plunger rod to open the nylon piston valve to drain oil again so that as long as the oil injection pump moves up and down, the oil can generate high pressure and be discharged.8 gallons pneumatic grease pump

    The oil storage cylinder is equipped with a rubber sealing piston so that the oil in the cylinder can continuously press the piston to the oil surface under the action of the screw pressure, which can isolate the pollution and keep the oil clean.

    An oiling gun is a tool during the oiling operation. The high-pressure oil discharged from the pump is transported to the gun through the high-pressure rubber tube, and the nozzle of the gun directly kisses the required oiling point. Pull the trigger and inject the oil into the required oil. part.

    12L~45L pneumatic grease pump grease pumps are available on the ATO website. 3 gal~12gal pneumatic grease pumps are widely applicable to the automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, engineering machinery, chemical industry, etc.

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