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    Pneumatic Grease Pump Working Principle

    A pneumatic grease pump, also known as an air grease pump, or pneumatic butter machine, is a pressure-increasing machine professionally used to inject butter into the lubrication station. It is widely used in machine tools, equipment, automobiles, ships and other industries. With the continuous development and progress of the industry, it has contracted the use of lubricating grease in machinery. The traditional grease gun that relies on the arm to provide pressure has long been unable to meet the needs of the development of the times. How to better lubricate and maintain machine tools, equipment, automobiles, ships, etc. has become the mission of the butter machine industry, especially for the higher pressure of butter filling. The pressure ratio of the pneumatic grease pump is 40:1; 50:1; 60:1, and the oil output pressure is as high as 24-48MPa, which is equivalent to 240Kg-480Kg kg.

    What is a Pneumatic Grease Pump?

    ATO pneumatic grease pump is a kind of refueling equipment, which is widely used at present. It can replace oil in time for automobile maintenance and various mechanical equipment. The pneumatic grease pump with 3 gal~12 gal is the most powerful assistant in production and life. It is a kind of pneumatic tool.