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    Pressure Sensor Application in HVAC System

    Pressure sensors are an integral part of most heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Not only can it help maintain a comfortable indoor environment, it can also integrate HVAC systems with building automation systems to improve system operation efficiency.

    Pressur sensor

    Traditional HVAC systems use pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and switches to control the basic operations of the system, such as opening or closing valves, vents, and more. As the HVAC system has higher and higher requirements for efficiency, the accuracy of the linkage control between the various subsystems is also improved. More and more sensors are applied to the system, which plays an important role in improving system efficiency.

    As building maintenance needs increase, whether commercial or industrial, building safety and occupancy comfort can be enhanced by incorporating pressure sensors. Mainly reflected in the following aspects:

    Measuring Differential Pressure - Maintenance of Inspection Areas

    In the HVAC system, the terminal pressure sensor and controller are the key components to ensure the smooth operation of the whole system and achieve the effect of energy saving.

    In the central air conditioner, the filter is used to filter the dust and impurities in the ventilation duct, and theĀ pressure sensor at the indoor vent is used to monitor the air pressure difference between the two ends of the filter at the air outlet. With the accumulation of time, the dust on the filter will accumulate more and more, which will gradually affect the air circulation of the filter. When the air circulation is not smooth, the air pressure difference between the two ends of the filter will continue to increase. When the pressure sensor senses the pressure change, the upper computer receives the signal from the pressure sensor. When the signal value reaches the alarm point, it will start to alarm, reminding the cleaning staff to replace or clean the filter. In addition to this role, the pressure sensor is also used to participate in the control of the air supply volume of the air outlet.

    Improve Indoor Air Quality

    Air flow in buildings is required to ensure the comfort and health of indoor occupants, and the amount of air flow depends on the function of the building and the number of occupants. Pressure sensors are often used to measure air flow and pressure to improve the efficiency of air conditioning systems. Among them, pressure sensors can ensure that a large amount of air is drawn back into the building, and through the evaluation and monitoring of air pressure, quality and ventilation, the breathing of indoor personnel can be guaranteed.

    Optimize the System

    Measuring pressure and airflow in a single room can optimize heating, cooling and air flow and improve the efficiency of HVAC systems. Repairs to the detection area can also reduce energy costs and prevent unnecessary energy loads from causing equipment failure. It can be seen that through pressure Sensors can reduce building energy consumption and costs.

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