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    5 Tips for Using Pressure Sensors

    Pressure sensor is a device that converts non-electricity into electrical signals. In modern industrial equipment, pressure sensors are an indispensable part of the reason. It can also be seen from the two aspects. Traditional industrial equipment, such as in its The necessary sensors are added to the device and equipped with precision measuring components, its function and accuracy can be improved; industrial equipment is used as the control object of the automation system or as the automation system. A part of the system must be compatible with the three parts of the automation system (detection, control, and execution) or provide interfaces to integrate them into an organic whole. To sum up, adding sensors as industrial equipment itself is a necessary condition for the replacement of traditional equipment displacement sensors.Pressure sensor

    So, it's important to useĀ pressure sensor properly. Do you know what are the points for daily using?

    5 tips about how to use sensors in a right way

    Through years of experience in studying pressure sensors, ATO summarizes the following points:

    1. Pay attention to the adaptability of the pressure medium: the corrosiveness, viscosity, conductivity of the measured medium, and pay attention to some special gases (hydrogen, oxygen, etc.);
    2. Pay attention to the size and power consumption of the power supply;
    3. Pay attention to whether the current is constant current or constant voltage;
    4. It is necessary to pay attention to the selection of the external dimensions, pressure and electrical interface of the sensor during installation;
    5. Pay attention to the ambient temperature and the medium temperature: the temperature of the medium to be measured, different temperatures should choose the sealing ring suitable for the temperature. Now there are low temperature resistant and ultra-low temperature resistant sealing rings to choose from, and the surrounding environment also needs to be considered temperature.
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