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    How a Single Phase VFD Forward Reverse Three Phase Motor?

    Variable Frequency Drive universal frequency converter is a power control device that controls the AC motor by changing the frequency of the working power supply of the motor, and converts the power frequency AC power with constant voltage and frequency into voltage or frequency by applying the principle of frequency conversion technology and microelectronic technology the working process of the variable AC power device is to first convert the power frequency AC power supply into a DC power supply through a rectifier, and then convert the DC power supply into an AC power supply with controllable frequency and voltage to supply the motor.

    1 Phase VFD forwards reverses the 3 phase motor

    ATO 1-phase120V input to 3-phase 220V output VFD

    ATO vfd

    Need to use terminals: DI1, DI2, DI3, COMV

    Connect the wires

    Connect the wires to the terminals according to the schematic diagram on the right.

    Internal wiring of vfd

    Paraneter settings

    • 3-wire mode1
    • Parameter setting:
    • FE-00=0 Turn off the photovoltaic function
    • F8-13=0 Enable reverse rotation permission
    • F0-02=1 terminal control mode
    • F4-00=1 DI1 forward command
    • F4-01=2 DI2 reverse command
    • F4-02=3 DI3 3-wire control stop command
    • F4-11=2 3-wire mode1
    • Press SB1 and the motorwill rotate forward.
    • Press SB3 to stop the motor.

    Forward rotation

    The STOP/RUN lightis on during forward rotation.

    The STOP/RUN & FWD/REV lights are onduring reverse rotation.

    1hp~7.5hp 3-phase motors can be adjusted by 1-phase 120V to 3-phase 220V VFD, and can be controlled by terminals.

    If you want to see more details of the video, please check:

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