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    Types of Toggle Switches

    Types of toggle switches

    The toggle switch can be operated in two or three positions. Three position switch and a side of the position is not positioned. At the same time, its connection circuit types are also more.

    Toggle switch can be button handle for fine separation. There are many kinds of button handles for toggle switches, such as metal conical knob handle, plastic conical knob handle, fluorescent knob handle, plastic sleeve knob handle, spherical knob handle, flat bar knob handle, lock bar knob handle, wave knob handle, paddle knob handle and so on.

    Among them, the lock rod knob handle is suitable for dangerous operation occasions, and the "promote unlock" knob handle, which is provided with a spring, and the screw pipe mouth end has a milling groove. The operator must first lift the knob handle and then push it to another position to ensure safe work.

    Toggle switch wiring diagram

    Toggle switch classification and application

    Toggle switch as a common manual control switch can be divided into according to the installation mode, panel installation, PC circuit board installation, according to the lamp without lamp. According to the number of poles, there are unipolar, bipolar, tripolar, quadrupole, self-reset and maintenance, large and ultra-small, waterproof, high and low temperature resistance, etc.

    Toggle switches

    1. Horizontally install right-angle toggle switch

    Compared with the vertical switch, the right Angle toggle switch only becomes horizontal, so the horizontal installation of the right Angle toggle switch. Double pole double throw contacts, Epoxy Seal terminal bottom, mostly used for computer peripheral equipment.

    2. Standard surface mount toggle switch without thread

    The terminal is in a standard mount form with no thread in the bushing, which is called a standard surface mount thread free toggle switch. The contact is single pole double throw and its electrical life is up to 55,000 times. Mostly used in medical equipment.

    3. Dual pole single button switch

    The switch breaks phase line and N line at the same time to control a branch, so it is a bipolar single button switch. The contact is in 3PDT form. Used for multimedia speakers and audio.

    4. Vertically install the right Angle button switch

    The terminal is vertically installed and the terminal pin is at right Angle, so it is vertically installed at right Angle button switch. Its contacts are made of gold-plated material with strong reliability. Used for anti-theft equipment, alarm system.

    5. Splash proof ball button handle toggle switch

    The panel is installed with o-ring seal splash proof, and the knob handle is spherical, so it is splash proof ball button handle button switch. Its terminal is in the form of straight plug, the terminal bottom is sealed with epoxy resin. Strong corrosion resistance, suitable for auto parts. For the latest toggle switch prices, please contact us.

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