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    Toggle Switch Troubleshooting

    The toggle switch is one of the common electronic components of many digital products, and the frequency of use is very high. The first failure of most digital products is the toggle switch part, because this part is the place that will be touched every time the machine is operated, so it is prone to various small faults after a long time. Let's list the trouble of toggle switches and how to deal with them.

    What is Toggle Switch Used For?

    A toggle switch is a switch that performs opening and closing functions by toggling. Generally, we use it for the operation of some low-voltage circuits. Because of its particularly flexible characteristics and stable performance of the slider, the toggle switch is widely used in various meters and instruments, such as our common electric toys, fax machines, audio equipment and medical equipment, etc. The following ATO will introduce to you the application scope and precautions of the toggle switch, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

    Toggle Switch Price List

    Toggle switch is to switch the circuit by turning the switch handle to make the circuit on or off, so as to achieve the purpose of switching the circuit. 2 pin, 3 pin or 6 pin toggle switch; on/off, on/off/on toggle switch and lighted toggle switch can be provided in ATO shop. In the following, we will show our toggle switch price list in detail.

    Types of Toggle Switches

    Toggle switch as a common manual control switch can be divided into according to the installation mode, panel installation, PC circuit board installation, according to the lamp without lamp. According to the number of poles, there are unipolar, bipolar, tripolar, quadrupole, self-reset and maintenance, large and ultra-small, waterproof, high and low temperature resistance, etc.

    What is a Toggle Switch?

    There are two and three positions for toggle switch operation. Three button switch and a certain side of the position is not positioned, etc. At the same time, its connection circuit types are also more. There are many kinds of button handles for toggle switches, such as metal conical knob handle, plastic conical knob handle, fluorescent knob handle, plastic sleeve knob handle, spherical knob handle, flat bar knob handle, lock bar knob handle, wave knob handle, paddle knob handle, etc. Lock lever handle is suitable for dangerous operation. There are "promote unlock" type knob handle, which is provided with a spring, screw mouth end milling groove. The operator must first lift the knob handle and then push it to another position to ensure safe work.