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    What is a Toggle Switch?

    Types of toggle switches

    There are two and three positions for toggle switch operation. Three button switch and a certain side of the position is not positioned, etc. At the same time, its connection circuit types are also more. There are many kinds of button handles for toggle switches, such as metal conical knob handle, plastic conical knob handle, fluorescent knob handle, plastic sleeve knob handle, spherical knob handle, flat bar knob handle, lock bar knob handle, wave knob handle, paddle knob handle, etc. Lock lever handle is suitable for dangerous operation. There are "promote unlock" type knob handle, which is provided with a spring, screw mouth end milling groove. The operator must first lift the knob handle and then push it to another position to ensure safe work.
    Toggle switch

    The working principle of the toggle switch

    Toggle switch in manual operation, switch working principle can be divided into two stages.

    1. The first stage of how toggle switches work

    Turn the handle by hand towards the center until it is vertical. At this time, the tip of the single-blade slider gradually draws closer to the middle, until the middle position, and further compresses the pressure spring.

    2. The second stage of how toggle switches work

    After the lever passes the vertical position, the single-blade slider moves quickly to the other direction under the pressure of the spring, and drives the lever to turn quickly. At this time, the moving contact plate is rapidly separated from the fixed contact foot on one side and connected with the fixed contact foot on the other side. At this time, the separation speed of the contact is related to the size of the pressure of the spring and the friction force between the moving parts, and the speed is very high. According to the test, the time from contact disengagement to re-connection is only about milliseconds, with an average speed of old millimeters seconds. This speed is many times faster than manual pull speed or maneuvering test pull speed.

    Notes on the use of toggle switch wiring

    • First of all, choose the right type of toggle switch and connector according to the use conditions and functions.
    • The rated voltage and current of the switch and connector should have a certain allowance.
    • In order to contact reliably, the line number of switch contacts and connectors should have a certain allowance for parallel use or spare.
    • Try to use connectors with positioning to avoid faults caused by wrong insertion.
    • The connection and welding of contacts are reliable. In order to prevent wire break and short circuit, the welding place should be protected by casing.

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