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    Using Digital Counter for Number Counting/Control

    Digital counter is a LED control meter that can be used for counting (number/length/footage/batch/event/time), measuring (frequency/rotational speed/linear speed/flow) and position control. The most common way is to connect a digital counter with a photoelectric sensor or a rotary encoder to form a number counting system. The photoelectric sensor or rotary encoder outputs signal for counting number, and the digital counter displays the counting number. Another way, after the digital counter SV is set, once the counting number PV reaches SV, the digital counter internal relay will operate and alarm to realize process control.
    Next, ATO will show you how to use a digital counter for number counting/control.
    I. Wiring
    First, the digital counter should be connected according wiring diagram.
    ATO digital counter wiring diagram
    The digital counter (terminal 1 and 2) can be connected to power supply AC 90-260V. Then connect digital counter to photoelectric sensor or rotary encoder. The wiring of photoelectric sensor and rotary encoder is different.
    Digital counter connects with photoelectric sensor or rotary encoder
    II. Parameter setting
    The basic parameter setting of digital counter is showed in the video.
    Basic parameter settings include:

    • Counting rate setting
    • SV (set value)
    • Output mode
    • Delay time of outputs
    • Input mode
    • Decimal point setting
    • Maximum counting speed

    III. Number counting/control
    After basic parameter setting is finished. ATO uses digital counter and photoelectric sensor for example. Set SV to 8 as in the video. When the photoelectric sensor detects the eighth detection object, the digital counter PV displays counting nubmer 8. That is to say, when the counting number PV reaches 8, OUT1 lights up and buzzer alarms.
    Digital counter OUT1 lights up

    Buy digital counters for number counting/control on, there are 4 digit counter, 6 digit counter and 8 digit counter for selection.

    11/2/2020 11:45 AM
    Can this digital counter be used to control a motor
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