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    VFD for turning rolls

    The turning rolls are the devices, which drive the cylinder-shaped (or cone-shaped) weldment to rotate with the help of the friction force between the weldment and the driving rollers. The self-aligning turning rolls are suitable for welding the round cylinder. It can regulate by itself according to the size of the cylinder. There are several specifications for the customer to choose. The self-aligning turning rolls include two groups of main and vice devices for one set, which means to four wheels for each device: self-aligning active turning rolls and self-aligning passive turning rolls. The wheel is fabricated in the inner iron core and outer rubber structure. Therefore, it is durable in use, free of any vibration. The operation of the active turning rolls is synchronously driven by the speed regulating motor through two worm gear reduction box. Thus, turing rulls can realize stepless speed variating by using ATO VFD.
    self-aligning turning rolls
    The advantages of ATO VFD speed control:

    1. Wide speed regulating scope, big start torque, high precision, low transmission noise, stable rotation in working.
    2. Quick dynamic response, fast switch between positive and negative rotation, convenient and fast, satisfy the technological requirement, ensure good quality and improve the efficiency.
    3. Strong anti-jamming capability

    Parameter setting of ATO VFD

    Function code Name Set value Remark
    P0.01 Selection of the frequency setting channel 6 CI analog quantity setting
    P0.03 Operating command channel 1 Terminal operation
    P0.04 Set the revolving direction 0 0 Reversal is allowed
    P0.09 Torque lift 3 Set according to practical condition
    P0.17 Acceleration time 1 2
    P0.18 Deceleration time 1 2
    P2.05 Halt mode 1 Freely halt
    P4.01 Selection of the function of the input terminal X2 17 External reset input
    P5.09 Times of malfunction self recovery 10 Time

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