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    What are the Protection Functions of UPS Power Supply?

    UPS uninterruptible power supply is a type of uninterruptible power supply that includes energy storage equipment. So what are the protection functions of UPS uninterruptible power supply?

    600VA UPSPower-off protection function

    When the utility grid is suddenly cut off, theĀ UPS will immediately convert the DC power of the UPS power supply battery into AC current and continue to deliver power to the load to prevent troubles and losses caused by power cuts.

    Voltage stabilization protection function

    When the mains voltage is easily affected by the distance and quality of the power transmission route, the voltage closer to the substation is higher, and the voltage farther away from the substation is lower. If the voltage is too high or too low, it will affect the quality and life of the equipment. In severe cases, it will affect the equipment and cause serious losses to users. The use of UPS uninterruptible power supply can bring a relatively stable voltage power supply to the user's equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and prolong its life.

    High and low voltage protection function

    When the mains voltage is suddenly high or low, the voltage stabilizer (AVR) in the UPS power supply keeps the mains voltage in a usable and reliable range to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. When the high and low voltage is higher than the usable range, the UPS uninterruptible power supply will start the battery to transmit electricity to ensure the continuous operation of the equipment.

    Harmonic distortion protection function

    When power is delivered to the end of use through the transmission and distribution line, the voltage waveform is distorted, and the amount of fundamental current changes to generate harmonics. Harmonics will affect the use of equipment. According to the UPS uninterruptible power supply, it can provide stable and high-quality power supply for the equipment, and reasonably improve the operation efficiency and life of the equipment.

    Stable frequency function

    The frequency is the period when the mains changes every second, 50Hz is 50 cycles per second. When the mains generator is running, it is subject to a sudden change in the power consumption of the user, and the change in the rotational speed will make the frequency of the converted power unstable. According to the power converted by the UPS power supply, a relatively stable frequency can be provided to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

    Instantaneous protection function

    If the voltage surges and sags or instantaneous voltage drop occurs in the mains, such problems will affect the accuracy of the equipment, and in severe cases, the users of precision equipment will suffer losses. UPS uninterruptible power supply can provide stable voltage to protect equipment.

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