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    What are the Types of UPS Power Supply?

    The uninterruptible power supply is a very important power supply device in our daily life and work, and it can even be said to be ubiquitous. So which type do we usually see? What are the differences between these different types of ups in their work? will briefly introduce the three types of UPS for you.

    Uninterruptible power supplies are usually divided into three types, namely offline, online, and online interactive. These three types of uninterruptible power supplies are very common in work and production.

    Offline uninterruptible power supply

    In fact, I usually say that offline UPS is a power supply in a ready state, and it is also called a backup uninterruptible power supply. We know that in the normal working state of the power grid, the mains directly charges the electrical equipment, and the battery of the UPS will store enough power for future use.

    When the power supply is abnormal one day, the battery will convert the DC power into AC power, so that the normal operation of the equipment can be guaranteed. Similarly, when the mains power supply is normal, it will stop the power supply and then start to store electricity.

    In the absence of special circumstances, the battery is always in a charged state, but once the power goes out, the battery will convert its own direct current into alternating current, so offline UPS is also called back-up UPS. The advantage of this offline UPS is that it has high operating efficiency, low noise, and low price. It is more suitable for small equipment that does not require high radio waves.

    Online interactive UPS

    In fact, the online interactive ups uninterruptible power supply and the offline power supply operation in the same way, but there are always subtle differences. The difference is that the online staggered type is not connected to the power supply all the way. It has a great feature that it has the functions of boosting and decompressing. If the power supply of the online interactive ups is not ideal, it will automatically adjust, which will also prolong the battery life at this time. ATO website offers 600VA to 10kVA online interactive UPS with LCD display, overload protection, wide input voltage range and selectable 220V/120V AC output voltage.


    Online UPS

    The mains and electrical equipment of the online UPS are isolated. The mains will not directly supply the electricity to the electrical equipment, but when the current reaches the UPS equipment, it will be divided into two circuits, and the other will be used as a battery. charge and the other one will turn back into alternating current. When the mains power we use has high or low voltage, or after a power outage, the battery will start supplying power. When the mains power is resupplied, the battery will stop supplying power and start storing electricity.

    Above, we know that there are three types of uninterruptible power supplies. These three types are online, offline and online interactive. The difference between them is mainly in the way of working between mains and UPS, because The way they work is different, and the fields of work they are applied to are also different.

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