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    Can a UPS Power Supply Run a Refrigerator?

    Can a UPS run a refrigerator? the answer is negative. UPS is strictly prohibited to connect the inductive load, it will overload. The refrigerator is designed with a wide voltage, no voltage regulator and other equipment are needed, a UPS of about 1000W is enough. The refrigerator works continuously for 5 hours, the battery capacity needs 12V&180Ah, plus the no-load power consumption, the conversion efficiency is estimated to be 80%, which can guarantee the refrigerator power supply for 8~10 hours.

    Can UPS power protect refrigerators?

    Uninterruptible power supplies only last from a few minutes to a few hours during a power outage. What is the geometry of your UPS? A few minutes will not only protect the refrigerator but also damage it. Also, the refrigerator compressor has its own protection.

    The function of UPS design is to provide short-term (a few minutes to several hours) backup power for electrical appliances in the case of sudden power failure, so as to facilitate users to process various information in time and prevent losses caused by sudden power failure. What does a refrigerator use a UPS for? The power is small and can't last for a few minutes. In the event of a power outage, the temperature inside the refrigerator can remain low for several hours under normal conditions. There is no point in using a UPS. You need a constant low temperature, not to preserve the vaccine.

    When the UPS is in use, the inductive load will generate an oscillating current when the power supply is turned on or off, and the peak value of this current will be much larger than the current value that the UPS can withstand. This oscillating current can easily cause an instantaneous overload of the UPS. If there are many overloads, the service life of the UPS will be greatly shortened. Therefore, it is recommended not to use a UPS with inductive loads.


    Induction devices generally cannot be configured with ups, and can only be configured with 3 load power supplies, and the total power consumption is still there. Although it looks a little longer than a computer, it actually uses that much power. It is best not to use a UPS with a refrigerator. The instantaneous power of the refrigerator is very high when it starts, at least more than 1000W, you must definitely use a 300W UPS.

    Most uninterruptible power supplies are designed to operate for short periods of time. In addition, the starting current of the refrigerator is relatively large, and a UPS of more than 1500W is required. If the power supply takes 8-10 hours, the battery capacity depends on the ambient temperature, this is because the refrigerator works intermittently for 8-10 hours, the working time is longer at high ambient temperature, and the working time is shorter at low ambient temperature.

    Other household appliances can be powered by an ATO uninterruptible power supply. The monitor and the computer host are all plugged into a plugboard, and then the plugboard is plugged into the UPS, so that even if there is a power failure or low voltage, it will not be suddenly shut down or disconnected from the network, giving you time to save your current work.

    Do not plug in other large household appliances, because ordinary household UPS can only be used for about 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the battery usage, so it is not acceptable for those large household appliances.

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