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    Is the UPS Battery Backup Noisy?

    UPS is an uninterruptible power supply with an energy storage device. It is mainly used to provide an uninterrupted power supply to some devices that require high power stability.

    What is the reason for the loud noise of UPS? How to deal with it? Fans, inductors, and transformers will make noises when the UPS is working. When the UPS is working, generally a slow beep is a small fault (which can be automatically recovered), a rapid beep is a major fault (recoverable), and a long beep is a major fault.

    What are the reasons for the noise of UPS?

    1. Check whether the cooling fan is loose, and you can ask a professional to tighten the fan screw. The cooling fan has a sound, which is unavoidable, especially for high-power UPS. When the sound of the new UPS is found to be loud, dust removal should be carried out, especially the dust accumulation on the fan blades and the protective net.
    2. The internal parts of the UPS are loose.
    3. The UPS power supply is aging.
    4. A precursor to failure of UPS power components. If there is an irregular crackling sound, it is very likely that the UPS is faulty. At this time, you should observe it carefully and stop it for inspection if necessary.
    5. Buzzing. Power frequency sine wave output UPS, there is a largeĀ transformer inside, when the battery power supply is restored to the mains, this is not only to meet the output, but also to charge the battery, the transformer works at full load, and emits a 50-cycle AC hum and resonates with the chassis And there is a buzz. This only happens at special times.
    6. The UPS is in battery power supply, and the machine shows that the power supply time is 0. Please check whether the battery voltage is normal.

    How to solve the noise problems?

    1. Now the newer UPS battery backup can absorb noise such as surge voltage of the input power supply system. At this time, the output line of the UPS equipment should be separated from another wiring, and there should be enough distance. Shielded cables should be used for lines that require parallel wiring in engineering design. The electromagnetic shielding effect is better if metal pipes are used.
    2. The UPS signal line is separated from the power line, a shielded cable is used, and electromagnetic shielding is added to prevent noise from invading the UPS equipment.
    3. Another situation is that if the signal line in the cable TV network equipment is close to the input and output lines of the UPS equipment, then the switching noise of the UPS will be induced to the signal line, so pay attention to this when wiring.
    4. When wiring, we should lay out the ground wire in the cable TV network. The actual wiring of cable TV network grounding is quite complicated, but the most basic design principles should be followed: reduce grounding impedance and eliminate grounding loops.

    In the daily maintenance and inspection of the high-power uninterruptible power supply, pay attention to their noise. Understand and master some basic knowledge of UPS, and clarify the meaning of various warning messages, warning codes and indicator lights. Familiarize yourself with the functions of the various switches and buttons on the uninterruptible power supply unit so that you can immediately understand what is wrong when the UPS is noisy.

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