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    How Does an UPS Provide Extra Protection?

    ATO UPS is the abbreviation of the uninterrupted English name, which appeared with the birth of the computer and is one of the commonly used peripheral devices of the computer. Actually, UPS is a kind of uninterruptible power supply with constant voltage and constant capacity with an energy storage device and inverter as the main component. Now that UPS is becoming more and more popular, let's take a look at the main protection functions of uninterruptible power supplies?

    600VA UPS

    Extra Protection

    • Power failure protection: When the utility grid is suddenly cut off, the UPS system will immediately convert the DC power supply of the UPS battery into AC power to continue to supply power to the load, so as to avoid the inconvenience and loss caused by the power failure.
    • Voltage stabilization: The mains voltage is easily affected by the distance and quality of the power transmission line. The voltage of users closer to the substation is higher, and the voltage of users farther away from the substation will be lower. If the voltage is too high or too low, it will affect the quality and life of the user's equipment, and in severe cases, it will damage the equipment and cause heavy losses to the user. The use of a UPS system can provide a stable voltage power supply for the user equipment, ensure the normal operation of equipment and prolong its service life.
    • Surge: Usually, the UPS power system has a discharge design to absorb surges, so as to avoid the impact of surges on the efficiency and life of the equipment, and to provide protection for the equipment.
    • High and low voltage protection: When the mains voltage is high and low, the voltage regulator (AVR) in the UPS keeps the mains voltage within a usable safe range to ensure that the equipment can operate normally. When the high and low voltage exceeds the usable range, the UPS system will start the battery power supply to ensure the continuous operation of the equipment.
    • Harmonic distortion protection: When the power is transmitted to the user through the transmission and distribution line, the voltage waveform is distorted, and the fundamental current changes to generate harmonics. Harmonics can affect equipment. The UPS can provide a stable and high-quality power supply for the equipment, effectively improving the operating efficiency and life of the equipment.
    • Stable frequency: The frequency is the cycle of the mains change per second, and 50Hz is 50 cycles per second. When the mains generator is running, the change in the rotational speed caused by the sudden change in the power consumption at the user end will make the frequency of the converted power indeterminate. The power converted by the UPS can provide a stable frequency to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
    • Instant protection: Commercial power sometimes has voltage surges, sags or instantaneous voltage drops. Such problems will affect the power of the equipment, and in severe cases, the precision equipment will be damaged and users will suffer losses. The UPS system can provide stable voltage to protect the equipment.
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