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    How to Maintain UPS Battery Life?

    When using uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system, people tend to unilaterally believe that there is no need to maintain batteries. However, the data show that there is about one third UPS host failure or abnormal operation caused by battery failure. Therefore, it is more and more important to strengthen the proper use and maintenance of UPS battery for prolonging the service life of batteries and then reducing the failure rate of UPS system.

    Uninterruptible power supply (UPS), how it works?

    UPS power system consists of 4 parts: rectification, energy storage, transformation and on-off control. UPS realizes the function of voltage stabilization with rectifier, which is generally a silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) or high-frequency switching rectifier. The rectifier controls the output amplitude according to the change of external power supply; when the external power supply changes (the change should meet the system requirements), it outputs a rectified voltage whose amplitude keeps unchanged. Purification function of UPS is completed by the energy storage battery. As the rectifier cannot eliminate instantaneous pulse interference, the rectified voltage still has interference pulse. Energy storage battery can not only store DC power, but also plays a role of large-capacity capacitor for the rectifier, its equivalent capacitance is proportional to the capacity of energy storage battery. As the voltage at both ends of the capacitor can’t change suddenly, the pulse interference is eliminated due to the smoothness property of capacitor for pulses, thus realizing the purification, as well as the shielding against interference. Converter guarantees a stable frequency of uninterruptible power supply. Frequency stability is determined by the stability of the converter's oscillation frequency. To facilitate daily operation and maintenance of UPS power system, an operating switch, automatic bypass switch after fault self-checking, overhaul bypass switch are designed in this system.

    Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Troubleshooting FAQ

    There's no display on the panel after the UPS starts, UPS doesn't work?
    Fault analysis: the fault may lie in power input, battery and power detection, battery voltage test circuit:

    1. Check if the power input fuse is burned out.
    2. If the fuse works normally, check whether the battery fuse is burned out, because some uninterruptible power supply may close all outputs and display when it can't detect a voltage.
    3. If the battery fuse is complete, please check if the power detection circuit works normally. If it doesn't work normally while UPS can't start without power supply, UPS will also close all outputs and display.
    4. If the power detection circuit works normally, please check if the battery voltage test circuit is normal.