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    What is a UPS?

    More and more people are using UPS, and it is widely used in various fields. However, there are still many people who do not know what UPS is. Through this article, let's learn what UPS are!

    Definition of UPS

    UPS is a device that contains energy storage. It is a constant voltage and constant frequency uninterruptible power supply with an inverter as the main component, which can solve the problems of power failure, low voltage, high voltage, surge, noise and so on of the existing power, and make the computer system run more safely and reliably. Now ATO UPS has been widely used in computers, transportation, banking, securities, communication, medical, home, industrial control, etc.

    The UPS power system consists of five parts: main circuit, bypass, battery and other power input circuits, rectifier (REC) for AC/DC conversion, inverter (INV) for DC/AC conversion, inverter and bypass output Switching circuit and accumulator battery. The voltage regulation function of the system is usually completed by a rectifier. The rectifier device adopts a silicon-controlled rectifier or a high-frequency switching rectifier. It has the function of controlling the output amplitude according to the change of the external power so that the output amplitude of the rectifier is basically unchanged when the external power changes.

    UPS type

    Back-up UPS: When the mains is normal, the mains supply power to the load directly. When the mains exceeds its working range or power failure, it is converted to a battery inverter power supply through the transfer switch.

    Features: This type has a simple structure, small size and low cost, but the input voltage range is narrow, the output voltage stability accuracy is poor, there is a switching time, and the output waveform is generally a square wave.

    600VA UPS

    Online interactive UPS: When the mains is normal, it directly supplies power to the load from the mains. When the mains power is low or high, it will be output after the voltage is stabilized by the internal voltage stabilizer circuit of the UPS. When the utility power is abnormal or the power is cut off, it is converted to the battery inverting power supply through the transfer switch.

    Features: It has a wide input voltage range, low noise, and small size, but also has switching time. Compared with the general backup UPS, this type of protection function is stronger, and the output voltage waveform of the inverter is better, generally a sine wave.

    ATO UPS features an LCD display, overload protection, and selectable 220V/120V AC output voltage. 600VA to 10kVA online interactive UPS are ideal for power supply is battery backup.

    Online UPS: When the mains is normal, the mains is rectified to provide DC voltage for the inverter to work, and the inverter provides AC to the load. When the mains is abnormal, the inverter is powered by the battery, and the inverter is always in a working state to ensure uninterrupted output.

    Features: Online UPS has a very wide input voltage range, no switching time and high output voltage stability and accuracy, especially suitable for occasions with high power requirements, but the cost is high. At present, almost all UPS with power greater than 3KVA are online UPS.

    UPS and DC power supply are important power supply guarantee equipment for enterprises. Traditional maintenance management includes daily inspection of appearance, filter capacitors, fans and other wearing parts, and regular battery replacement, etc. This management method has high investment costs for enterprises, a heavy workload for maintenance personnel, it is difficult to grasp the operating status and key data of equipment in real-time, and the ability to prevent equipment accidents is low. Implementing online maintenance management can avoid the shortcomings of traditional methods and obtain good benefits.

    UPS is aimed at the reliability requirements of the power grid environment and network monitoring and network systems, medical systems, etc., and overcomes the difficulties of the power supply grid environment caused by the centralized power supply of medium and large computer network systems. A DC power supply is a device that maintains a constant current in the circuit. Such as dry batteries, accumulators, DC generators, etc.

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