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    What are the Types of Potential Transformers?

    Potential transformer is a very common electrical equipment, its role is to transform the high voltage proportional relationship into 100V or lower level of standard secondary voltage for protection, measurement, and instrumentation devices. There are many types of voltage transformers, and different applications use different voltage transformers, according to different classification rules voltage transformer classification is also different. The following will introduce what types of voltage transformers.

    According to the Principle of Operation

    • Electromagnetic Voltage Transformer: According to the principle of electromagnetic induction to transform the voltage, the principle and basic structure and transformer are completely similar to our country more in 220KV, and the following voltage levels are used.
    • Capacitive Voltage Transformer: By the capacitive voltage divider, compensation reactor, intermediate transformer, damper carrier device protection gap, etc., at present, China's 110KV-500KV voltage level is applied, ultra-high voltage only production capacitive voltage transformer.
      Electronic voltage transformer: through the photoelectric conversion principle to realize the voltage conversion, only in recent years began to use.

    According to the Conditions of Use

    Can be divided into indoor-type voltage transformers (installed in indoor power distribution equipment) and outdoor form other voltage transformers (installed in outdoor power distribution equipment).

    Indoor-type Voltage Transformers: Usually consist of a primary coil and a secondary coil, the primary coil is wound on the high-voltage conductor, and the secondary coil is located around it. The voltage signal passes through the primary coil, generating a varying magnetic field, which in turn passes through the secondary coil, inducing, according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, a secondary voltage signal, the magnitude of which is proportional to the primary voltage. Indoor voltage transformers are controlled at 35kV and below.

    Outdoor Voltage Transformer: Specially designed for use in power systems in outdoor environments. The potential transformers are usually weatherproof, waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion-resistant to adapt to various severe weather conditions. The highly reliable design of outdoor voltage transformers allows them to operate in outdoor environments for long periods, providing important support for the operation of power systems.

    According to the Number of PhasesSingle phase voltage transformer

    Single-phase Voltage Transformer: Usually consists of a primary coil and a secondary coil. The primary coil is wound on the high-voltage conductor of the power system, and when the voltage passes through the primary coil, a varying magnetic field is generated. This magnetic field passes through the secondary coil and, according to Faraday's principle of electromagnetic induction, induces a secondary voltage signal in the secondary coil, the magnitude of which is proportional to the primary voltage. Single-phase potential transformers are typically used to measure and monitor low-voltage power systems, providing accurate voltage data for protection equipment and measurements.Three phase voltage transformer

    Three-phase Voltage Transformer: Typically consists of three primary coils, each connected to a voltage lead of one phase. Through the principle of electromagnetic induction, three-phase voltage transformers convert high-voltage signals into low-voltage signals for measuring, monitoring, and protecting three-phase power systems.

    According to the Insulation and Cooling Method

    Dry-type Voltage Transformer

    (Also known as dip-insulation rubber potential transformer) is made of ordinary insulating material impregnated with insulating varnish as insulation, has the advantages of simple structure, no fire and explosion hazards, and does not require insulating oil for the equipment, used for measuring high-voltage signals. It is suitable for low to medium voltage applications, using dry insulating materials, with high reliability and safety, commonly used in substations and industrial systems but the insulation strength is relatively low, generally only used in indoor installations of 6kV and below.

    Cast-in Voltage Transformer

    The internal structure is cast into the insulating material to improve weather resistance and insulation. This design allows them to withstand a variety of environmental conditions, including high temperatures, high humidity, and corrosive gas environments. Molded from epoxy resin or other resin blends, they have the advantage of being compact and easy to maintain and are generally suitable for indoor power distribution installations of 3-35kV.

    Oil-immersed Voltage Transformer

    Devices used to measure high voltage signals where the coils are immersed in insulating oil to provide insulation and cooling. This design is suitable for high voltage and high precision applications such as substations and transmission lines. The insulating oil in oil-immersed potential transformers effectively resists electric shocks and discharges at high voltages, ensuring the safety and reliability of measurements. It consists of insulating paper and insulating oil as insulation, and is the most common structural type in China, with the advantage of good insulation performance, and can be used in indoor and outdoor power distribution units of 10kV and above.

    Gas Insulated Voltage Transformer

    Adopting gas insulation technology, it has excellent insulation performance and is suitable for high-voltage power systems. The potential transformers can accurately convert high-voltage signals into low-voltage signals to ensure the reliability and safety of the power system. Gas-insulated voltage transformers are widely used in substations, transmission lines, and power equipment.

    According to Application

    1. Voltage Transformers for Power Systems: Measuring devices designed specifically for power systems to measure high voltage signals and convert them to lower voltages to ensure the stability and reliability of the power system. This excellent quality potential transformer is commonly used in substations, power plants, and transmission lines to provide accurate data to support the monitoring and control of voltage and are an integral part of the power system.
    2. Industrial Voltage Transformers: Devices used to monitor and measure voltage signals in industrial equipment. The voltage transformer usually have high accuracy and stability, used to ensure the normal operation of industrial automation systems. Industrial voltage transformers are mainly used in industrial automation and production processes to monitor the voltage of motors, generators, and other industrial equipment to ensure the normal operation of industrial processes.
    3. Laboratory Voltage Transformers: Equipment designed for scientific experiments and research to measure precise voltage signals. High accuracy and reliability make voltage transformers an indispensable tool in laboratory environments, supporting a wide range of electrical, electronic, and physical experiments. No matter what type of research you're conducting, laboratory voltage transformers provide accurate voltage measurements that aid in scientific exploration and innovation.

    Important applications for voltage transformers

    The classification of potential transformer can help engineers and technicians choose the right voltage transformer for their specific application needs. Different types of voltage transformers play an important role in electrical engineering and are used to ensure the safe operation of power systems, the automated control of industrial processes, and the advancement of scientific research. can provide you with high-quality, guaranteed potential transformers, and we're your reliable choice for high-quality products and excellent service. If you are interested, welcome to visit us, and let's create an excellent shopping experience together!

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