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    Potential Transformer Price List

    Potential transformers are key components in power systems, used to measure voltage signals and ensure the safe operation of the power system. The price of voltage transformers varies depending on several factors such as model, specification, brand, and market supply and demand. These factors, along with your budget, need to be considered when purchasing a voltage transformer. The following is the price list of voltage transformers compiled by for you.

    Voltage transformers play an irreplaceable role in power systems, and their prospects are full of hope. As technology continues to develop and innovate, potential transformers will continue to evolve to meet the growing needs of the power system and contribute to a clean, sustainable power supply. In the future, potential transformers will continue to play an important role in the power field to ensure the reliability and stability of power supply. 

    ATO Online Shop Potential Transformer Price List

    Phase Product Name SKU USD
    Single Phase 0.5kV Potential Transformer ATO-PT-220 343.16
    3.5kV Potential Transformer ATO-PT-3.5 999.36
    7kV Potential Transformer,Oil-immersed ATO-PT-7 1,012.36
    12kV Potential Transformer ATO-PTSG-12 982.66
    25kV Potential Transformer ATO-PT-3000 714.34
    32kV Potential Transformer ATO-PT-6000 734.65
    42kV Potential Transformer ATO-PT-10000 754.69
    Three Phase 42kV Potential Transformer ATO-PTTP-42 3,302.58


    • Accurate Measurement: Voltage transformers can provide high-precision voltage measurement to ensure accurate monitoring and control of power systems. This is crucial to prevent problems such as voltage anomalies, voltage fluctuations, and voltage imbalances.

    High precision voltage transformer

    • Safety: The use of voltage transformers helps ensure the safe operation of power systems. The high precision voltage transformer support the work of system protection devices and can quickly disconnect power to prevent equipment damage or accident escalation.
    • Remote Monitoring Possible: Intelligent potential transformers can be connected to the monitoring system to achieve remote monitoring and control. This means that operators can monitor voltage signals in real-time from a remote location and take necessary actions without having to physically visit the site.
    • Supports Data Collection and Analysis: Data generated by potential transformers can be used for long-term data collection and analysis. This helps power system operators understand system performance, voltage quality, and potential issues for system optimization and planning.
    • Supports Renewable Energy Sources: Voltage transformers support the integration of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. They can monitor voltage fluctuations and power quality, helping to adjust power systems to the volatility of renewable energy sources.
    • Environmental Protection: Some modern potential transformers use environmentally friendly materials and production processes, which are in line with the trend of sustainable development and help reduce negative impacts on the environment.
    • Enhanced Power System Reliability: By monitoring voltage signals in real-time, potential transformers help improve the reliability of power systems and can quickly detect and respond to voltage problems to avoid system interruptions and equipment damage.
    • Supports Cyber Security: The voltage transformer’s intelligent capabilities also include cyber security features to prevent potential cyber-attacks and data leaks.

    The above prices are for reference only and may vary due to market changes, supplier-specific requirements, additional features (such as communication interfaces, and data analysis capabilities), etc. When selecting a potential transformer, factors such as performance, quality, reliability, and after-sales service also need to be considered to ensure that the project needs are met. It is recommended to compare with multiple suppliers before purchasing and obtain detailed information and technical specifications to ensure you select the potential transformer that best suits your application.

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