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    What is a Digital Energy Meter?

    A digital electricity meter is a smart meter that uses digital technology to measure and record electrical energy. As a kind of equipment, digital electric meter plays an important role in intelligent electric energy management and protection system. It adopts microprocessor technology and computer technology, which can realize accurate measurement of electric energy, data collection and processing and application of industrial control. In the modern power system, the digital energy meter has become an indispensable device. This article will introduce the characteristics, applications and working principles of digital energy meters.


    The performance characteristics of digital meters can be mainly divided into: high resolution, high precision, high reliability, low energy consumption, etc.

    High resolution

    Most digital meters have very high digital resolution and are good at measuring the smallest changes in current and voltage.

    High precision

    Digital energy meters use microprocessor technology to provide accurate data, usually with an accuracy of 0.2% to 0.5%, which is much higher than traditional energy metering instruments.

    High reliability

    The digital ammeter adopts advanced digital technology and has very high reliability. The general service life is more than 10 years, and it can work reliably in the real environment for a long time.Single phase digital energy meter

    Low energy consumption

    The power consumption of digital meters is much lower than that of traditional meters. If the use of electricity is efficient, energy consumption can be greatly reduced.

    Application Scenarios of Digital Meters

    Digital energy meters can be used to measure capacity and detect current and voltage in a system. Both time and power factors are considered for accurate energy management and functions such as energy-saving alerts, and can ensure continuous power supply.

    For the power industry, the installation of digital energy meters can effectively measure, monitor and control remotely, realize energy saving, maintain safety and control operating costs, allowing users to enjoy savings in capital and time costs.

    Intelligent Building

    Smart buildings are essential equipment here. It can identify the power consumed by various facilities in the building and be controlled by the central control system to reduce power consumption and overall operating costs in smart buildings through effective management.

    Industrial management

    In addition to being used for data measurement, digital DIN-rail mounted energy meters can also be used for industrial production management. It can record electricity consumption, evaluate the time of opening and closing doors and windows, and help factories achieve the goals of reducing energy consumption, cutting costs, and improving production and quality.

    Vehicle Electronics

    Digital energy meters can also be used in vehicle electronics, which can record and monitor the power usage of the car, determine the time and load of each part, and be used for fault diagnosis and protection of various systems to improve the safety and reliability of the car.

    Working principle of electric energy meter

    When the watt-hour meter is connected to the circuit under test, alternating current flows through the current coil and the voltage coil, and these two alternating currents generate alternating magnetic flux in their iron cores respectively; the alternating magnetic flux passes through The aluminum disk induces an eddy current in the aluminum disk; the eddy current is acted on by force in the magnetic field, so that the aluminum disk obtains torque (active torque) and rotates.

    The greater the power consumed by the load, the greater the current passing through the current coil, the greater the eddy current induced in the aluminum disc, and the greater the torque that makes the aluminum disc rotate. That is to say, the magnitude of the torque is directly proportional to the power consumed by the load. The greater the power, the greater the torque, and the faster the aluminum disc turns. When the aluminum disc rotates, it is affected by the braking torque generated by the permanent magnet. The braking torque is opposite to the active torque; the braking torque is proportional to the rotational speed of the aluminum disc. The faster the aluminum disc rotates, the greater the braking torque bigger.Digital energy meter working

    When the active torque and the braking torque reach a temporary balance, the aluminum disc will rotate at a constant speed. The electrical energy consumed by the load is proportional to the number of revolutions of the aluminum disc. When the aluminum disc rotates, it drives the counter to indicate the consumed electric energy.

    How to maintain

    1. The maintenance of the single phase electric energy meter implements the principle of "personnel responsible, prevention first, regular maintenance, and timely repair". The maintenance, commissioning, and minor repairs of the electric energy meter calibrator are the responsibilities of the experimenter.
    2. Routine maintenance: refers to the routine maintenance carried out according to the operation and management regulations of the electric energy meter calibrator. The main items include external cleaning, lubrication, fastening and visual inspection of the instrument.
    3. First-level maintenance: This item is from the outside of the equipment to the inside of the equipment (overall cleaning, lubrication and fastening), which mainly includes the electric energy meter calibrator for general disassembly (such as removing the shell) maintenance partial dismantling inspection and adjustment, power-on test run or moisture-proofing of the entire electric energy meter calibrator.
    4. Secondary maintenance: This item mainly refers to the internal maintenance of the electric energy meter calibrator, which mainly includes the dismantling inspection, adjustment, and replacement of vulnerable parts for the main components of the general disassembled instrument. At the same time, it also includes the re-counting and combination of all supporting components in the complete set of electric energy meter calibrator, and the replacement of vulnerable parts. In addition, it also includes the precision inspection and calibration of various energy meter calibrators that have been used for a long time (more than three years), so that the energy meter calibrator is always in a clean, lubricated, safe and usable state.
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