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    What is a DIP Switch?

    DIP switch, short for dual in-line package switch, is an electrical switch that can be turned by hand. Its pitch includes 2.54mm and 1.27mm. There are two pins on the back of each position, all on ON side, which is turned on, and then disconnect. These pins are independent and there is no association with each other. Such products are mostly used for binary coding.

    Set on as 1 and off as 0, then:


    There are 16 different codes.

    DIP switch functions

    • Main circuit
      The whole process of ac power grid input and DC output, including:
      Input filter: DIP switch is used to filter out the clutter existing in the power grid, but also to prevent the clutter generated by the machine feedback to the public power grid.
      Rectification and filtering: the ac power supply of the power grid is directly rectified into smooth DC power for the next level transformation.
      Inversion: The direct current after rectification into high frequency ALTERNATING current, which is the core part of high frequency switching power supply, the higher the frequency, the smaller the volume, weight and output power ratio.
      Output rectifier and filter: provide stable and reliable DC power supply according to load requirements.
    • Control circuit
      Sampling from the output end, compared with the set standard, and then to control the inverter, change its frequency or pulse width, to achieve output stability, on the other hand, according to the data provided by the test circuit, through the protection circuit identification, provide control circuit for the whole machine for various protection measures. 
    • Detection circuit
      In addition to providing the protection circuit is running various parameters, but also provides a variety of display instrument data.
    • Auxiliary power supply
      Supply power for all the different requirements of a single circuit.

    8 position DIP switch circuit diagram

    8 Position DIP Switch Wiring

    Dip switch is equivalent to a switch quantity, dial to ON means On, OFF means Off, in digital circuits to 0, 1, usually used for binary input. In the figure above, the 8 position DIP switch is used as the input of one byte. When you dial ON, 1 is entered. By default, 0 is entered. offers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 1012 position DIP switches for your choices, they are at wholesale price, buy now!

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