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    6 Tips for Operating Diesel Generator

    Before operating the diesel generator, please read the manual. Especially following 6 points should be paid attention to for preventing the accident happened.

    Preventing the fire

    The engine fuel is light diesel. It is forbidden to adopt gasoline and kerosene etc. When the oil overflows, please use a clean cloth to remove the oil. It is not permitted to have diesel generators with gasoline, kerosene, match and inflammable material, because the temperature around the muffler is very high when the engine is operated. For the sake of better ventilation during the generator operation, the distance between the diesel generator and the building should be more than 1.5meters. The diesel generator should be operated on plain ground. Otherwise, the oil will overflow from a diesel generator.

    Preventing the fire

    Preventing the suction of exhaust gas

    For avoiding exhaust gas being sucked by the person, the diesel generator will be not allowed to work under conditions of worse ventilation, because exhaust gas emitted from the engine includes harmful CO.

    Preventing the damage by high-temperature parts

    When the diesel engine is working, it is not allowed to touch high-temperature parts, such as the muffler and its shell, etc.

    Preventing the electric shock or short circuit

    • For avoiding the shock by electricity or short circuit, it is forbidden to touch with hand the generator when working. Do not operate the generator in raining or foggy.
    • For preventing the shock by electricity, the grounding should be made by adopting the wire, in which one end is connected with the grounding terminal of the generator and another end is connected with the device outside. The grounding terminal of the generator is on the control panel, shown in point 1.

    Other safety points

    It is very important to know how to stop the generator and the functions of all switches. The untrained person is not permitted to operate the generator. The operator should wear safe clothes and shoes during working.

    Charging the accumulator

    • The diesel generator has an automatic charging function. The electrolytic liquid of the accumulator contains sulfuric acid. For protecting the operator, should make suitable protection measurements.
    • As the hydrogen resulting from the accumulator is of easy explodive gas, do not smoke when charging. It is not also permitted to make the spark around the accumulator.
    • Be sure that there is better ventilation for charging.
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